Samsung grandfies ad with Fawad Khan

The TVC targets the youth who mostly take pictures and update their many social media accounts
Updated 12 Jan, 2015 05:53pm

Everyone wants a selfie with Pakistan’s very own prince charming Fawad Khan – so who better to star in a phone ad all about taking selfies to the next level?

The new TVC for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime shows how importanr a great front facing camera is for the perfect selfie – which is an essential consideration for many young buyers lately.

Priced at around Rs21,ooo like five megapixels front-facing camera and eight megapixels at the back and of course the latest android system the Prime is a great phone with a an ad that works on every level.

Target audience

The TVC targets the youth who mostly take pictures and update their many social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They attend concerts and hangout in cafes.


They conquered the positioning part when they were choosing the brand ambassador for their brand. I’m yet to meet a person who’s not in love with Fawad Khan. And even if there are few people who aren’t fans, they do acknowledge the fact that he’s the ‘big thing’ and has the power to persuade people.

Fawad Khan’s presence ensures that consumers see this ad and talk about it. And while they are at it, they’ll end up discussing the product and even referring it to someone who’s looking for a cheap phone with respectable specs.


‘Selfies ban gayi grandfies’. I don’t see people using ‘grandfies’ instead of ‘selfies’ in the near future but kudod to the team for trying to coin a term more importantly, it relates the benefit of Samsung grand prime. It tells the suience that you don’t have to worry about the narrow angle of the front facing camera anymore, Samsung grand provides you a wider angle so all your friends can fit in (and look nice) in the selfie.

The downside

Fawad plays Fawad Khan in the TVC which is boring. All the recent ads that Khan has done show him as an accomplished famous man chased by people and cameras. In Q-mobile ad, he was this successful, self-actualized person on his private yatch.

In Clear he’s grooving to music and saying no to dandruff as cameramen push and shove each other to take one decent picture. In this Samsung ad, he plays the celebrity again and people are dying to get a selfie with him. Only in Servis shoes ad does he play someone else and actually stands out. So Samsung’s ad in the end is just another ad where you should buy the product because Fawad Kan is telling you to.