PTCL's charji gets lacklustre intro to market

The latest ad by PTCL is as unimaginative as its previous endeavors perhaps even more so
Published 15 Jan, 2015 04:58pm

One thing is quite clear from PTCL Evo Charji’s one-minute long TVC - that the brand is making money despite unimaginative marketing and patchy service. To be able to buy an ad spot of this duration; one has to have a hefty bank statement. The latest ad by PTCL is as unimaginative as its previous endeavors perhaps even more so.

First, the name: if you haven't decoded it yet 'charji' stands for 4G.

Brand Ambassador

PTCL’s ad agency IW has hit the right note with selecting the brand endorser for the new product line PTCL Evo Charji. Osman Khalid Butt is the actor of new age and so is the 4G technology. He reflects the brand philosophy potently.


4G or Chaarji, as PTCL likes to call it, is speedy, shiny and brand new and so is the TVC with its modernistic edge and the Godzilla-like-feel; like something new is roaming on the streets. Therefore, the target audience will easily understand the message that PTCL has launched a 36 Mbps device (dongle or Evo cloud) that supports 4G network.

It is hard to believe that the team flew all the way to Bangkok to shoot Osman Khalid Butt walking down a dark and gloomy street or shots of vibrating LCDs and cellphones. The visit to Bangkok basically served the purpose of post-production. We wish it could do more for the brand.

The brand and hence, the TVC has no tagline. It is an introductory ad for a new product so it is supposed to be informative and not persuasive but that does not excuse its lack of creativity and basic things such as a tagline.

Since the product is based on a brand new technology; it would have been more effective to see it's TVC reflect the novelty of the product.