Still waiting for Diyar-e-Dil to take-off
Still waiting for Diyar-e-Dil to take-off

Still waiting for Diyar-e-Dil to take-off

Wali made his appearance in this episode, his heroine will come in next week.
Published Apr 22, 2015 05:48pm

Missed the latest episode of Diyar-e-Dil? Great because this episode wasn’t worth a watch.

Arjumand (Hareem Farooq) got mysteriously pregnant. Hello! Were Sohaib and Arjumand even ‘living together’? Sohaib has comepleted his studies and is taking care of his father’s very many factories. All this is happening in the picturesque northern region under the careful guidance of Bakhtiar Bakht aka Agha Jaan (Abid Ali) – the head of the family.

In Lahore, Behroze (Meekal Zulfiqar) is on his journey to a self-actualized person. He works. He studies. And he takes good care of his wife. Behroze is suddenly the epitome of goodness. Gone are his sour moods, aggressive behavior and furrowed brow. Why? Because he has the love of his life Ruhina (Sanam Saeed) at his side.

This episode was actually filler episode building the importance of Wali (Osman Khalid Butt) in all these depressed people’s lives. The whole Bakhtiar clan was under the veil of sadness after Behroze left them for his love interest Ruhina. But now that Wali is here he’ll give them a reason to be happy and will later help Behroze, and Agha Jaan get over their differences.

What has happened till now?

The picturesque sets, realistic acting and the soulful OST of Diyar-e-Dil transport you to another world where the grass is greener (literally) and a scorching sun is a long lost fantasy. I watch the serial every Tuesday on Hum TV because it soothes me. The scenery and the OST are a total win.

Apart from that, Diyar-e-Di is yet to offer something different from rest of the serials. There’s is one villainous zaalim-samaj-like Agha Jaan who is a dictator and wants to establish his writ at all times and cost. Even at the cost of his sons – Behroze and Sohaib.

Behroze gets into an argument with Agha Jaan in the first episode only when Agha Jaan suggests he should now get married to his bachpan ki mangetar (finace) Arjumand. But Behroze has found love in his university and wants to marry Ruhina. The tussle leads to Behroze leaving the haveli.

That was a sight to behold. Meekal Zulfiqar clad in black shalwar kameez is striding aggressively towards the main stone entrance as his black shawl billows about him. And Zeb Bhangash is spreading her magic in the background.

Poor Arjumand also realizes that she missed the jackpot and is mad at everyone and everything. Agha Jaan then finds another ploy (probably to make her more mad) to tone things down. He asks Sohaib to marry Arjumand (his first cousin and brother’s ex-fiancé). He resists but finally gives in and they are marries off. The couple then lives sadly ever after (till Wali is born).

On the other hand, Behroze marries Ruhina despite her brother’s (Behroze Sabzwari) disapproval. They are a struggling but determined couple. Ruhi also faces a miscarriage after which her brother is back at her side again.

Current Episode**

Agha Jan is having this conversation with his bff in which he reiterates that he’ll never see Behroze ever again. Scene two, and there is Arjumand and her mom receiving the ‘khushkhabri’. Agha jaan breaks the news to Sohaib, “I have a good news. I’m going to become a grandfather!” (He’s of course referring to Sohaib and Arjumand’s baby). Camera pans to Sohaib and he has this expression, “But how did this happen?” and audience goes, ‘Dude. You tell us?”

Arjumand is of course quite upset because she hasn’t accepted their relationship as yet. Yeah, she’s expecting a baby BUT that doesn’t mean she’s okay with Sohaib being her husband. I was pretty disturbed after this revelation but in Pakistani dramas it is quite okay to not accept someone as your spouse AND have babies with them.

Arjumand finally has a change of heart on the delivery day. She has this heart-to-heart conversation with Sohaib on the hospital bed and says all the right things,

“Meine iss bachay ko bohat bud duaein di hain ab pata nahi Allah meri dua sunega ya nahi. Mein iss se bohat mohabbat karti hun. Tum bohat achay ho please mujhe maaf kardena…”

I believe Arjumand and sohaib will now lead a happy life. Even the promo of next episode suggested this where Sohaib was promising Arjumand that "we’ll make sure Wali lives a happy and healthy life [unlike us.”

Behroze on the other hand is quite homesick. He wakes up in the middle of the night, opens the bottom drawer of a chest in his lounge, takes out a book (and audience thinks, oh he just craved for some reading in the middle of the night) and there it is; the proof of his emotional distress. He stares at Soahib’s pictures for a long time until Ruhi comes out of the room and spooks him out.

In the upcoming episode we’ll see Wali’s heroine (Maya Ali) enter the scene as well. Ruhi and Behroze will have a daughter and Sohaib will pay them a surprise visit.

Verdict: I'd suggest wait it out. Let Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali enter the scene and then you may start watching Diyar-e-Dil with all the zeal and enthusiasm you can muster. I just hope the couple doesn't remind us of Aun Zara because that serial was on a totally different tangent and Diyar-e-Dil needs these actors to act more intensely.