Behind The Scenes of Ho Mann Jahaan

The video features the leading stars having ball of a time while recording a song
Updated 23 Apr, 2015 10:44pm

Asim Raza’s directorial debut ‘Ho Mann Jahan’ starring Mahira Khan, Shehreyar Munawar and deel Hussain has already created a quite a stir its fabulous sound track.

A forty-seven second long video features the leading stars having ball of a time while recording a song. Khan dons a long maxi and headband and looks like a real rock star singing to the tune whereas her co-stars – Hussain and Munawar take turns shooting with a DSLR.

This coming of age story of three friends, who set out to pursue their chosen career i.e. singing, is a fresh breath of air for a film industry which has just taken a new turn after a downfall.

For the past few years our industry has been a victim of monotonous scripts with only ‘war and terrorism’ related topics been core theme behind every other movie – be it commercial hits WAAR and O21.

It was the success of Nabeel Qureshi’s comedy flick ‘Na Maloom Afrad’ which establishes the fact that Pakistani audience deserve to get a good entertainment dose at cinema houses and has also encouraged the other film makers to experiment with new ideas and storylines.

And when veteran advertising guru Raza decides to try his hand on filmmaking he prefers to discuss the problems of youngsters and the issues they face in fulfilling their dreams.

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Raza’s musical film features mesmerizing vocals of top names of our industry including Atif Aslam, Zeb and Haniya, Tina Sani, Abu Muhammed and Fareed Ayaz, Jimmy Khan, Asrar and Faakhir. As per media reports 95 per cent production of the film is completed and it is expected to release on Eid-ul-Azha.