Ushna Shah & Yumna Zaidi endorse Lemon Max

Fresh faces like Ushna and Yumna will certainly keep the brand top of mind of the target audience.
Updated 13 May, 2015 05:50pm

A week back Zhalay Sarhadi and Anam Fayyaz were seen drooling over the ever-so-powerful Lemon Max bar but this time round it's the Bashar Momin starlet Ushna Shah and the talented Yumna Zaidi.

Spectrum Y&R has continued with the campaign idea but the difference lies in the copy. The last one demonstrated Lemon max' antiseptic powers through a mother's point of view. This one also lauds the anti-germs and grease properties of Lemon Max but instead of showing amother fret over her children's health, it shows two friends having a pre-party conversation.

Yumna and Ushna play Bffs. Ushna is helping her friend arrange a party and while at it she gets the chance to advertise Lemon Max because Yumna hasn't cleaned the frying pan properly (how embarrassing) and it's still oily.

Lemon Max comes to rescue and makes the pan squeaky clean and of course germ-free.

The TVC is on the right track until the very end when tagline is supposed to appear. I am of opinion that a brand's tagline should remain same until it's engraved in the consumer's mind and unless it is absolutely necessary to change it.

So, why the shift from 'Chiknai ke saath jarasim bhi saaf' to 'no grease and no germs'. The former is more clear and since it's in Urdu it had a greater appeal for the masses and the target audience (housewives).

Spectrum Y&R is known for launching some great IMC campaigns like Candi biscuit's 'Khaas mithaas' - a campaign which revolved around memorable moments. It would be a nice change to see them come up with an equally innovative campaign for Lemon Max because honestly I'm tired of seeing the usual two-friends-talking-over-lemon-max-bar-in-the-kitchen routine.

Verdict: Fresh faces like Ushna and Yumna will certainly keep the brand top of mind of the target audience.

Agency: Spectrum Y&R Production: Marketing Works Account Director: Iqbal Tin Senior Account Manager: Uzma Akhtar Associate Creative Director: Asrar Alam Director: Ayesha Jalil Producer: Haris Qadeer