Dua Malik and Sohail Haider welcome their first child

The baby is her mom's spitting image
Updated 14 May, 2015 06:07pm

Yep, it's official: all our favorite celebs are having babies. Shehroz Subzwari is a dad now, Alishba Yousuf turned a mom two months back and Mehreen Raheel is having a great time with her newly born baby boy.

Now you can add the very popular couple Dua Malik and Sohail Haider to that pack. The Sur Sath Savera host – and younger sister to the beautiful actress Humaima Malik and handsome Feroze Khan –has given birth to her first child.

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The svelte star and her husband who is known for his romantic love ballads, Sohail Haider welcomed a daughter today. Bonus points for not delaying putting up the baby’s picture on the social media and giving all their fans a reason to be jubilant about. The adorable baby folded in a pink wrap is her beautiful mom’s spitting image.

Malik, who looked gorgeous through her pregnancy and who truly wanted to be a beautiful mom to her newly born, apparently didn’t have an easy time during the course of her pregnancy. Hence, the emerging talent even came up with a way to help out all the girls in the country going through the same bittersweet phase- she formed this forum on Kik App for all mommies and mommies-to-be where they all could talk about their pregnancy confusions, feelings and problems and could even seek advice. How inspirational.