Shahbaz Sumar’s short film for Zee Network looks fascinating

Titled 'Khaeme Mein Matt Jhankain' the drama will be a part of Zee unity campaign
Updated 10 Jul, 2015 04:08pm

Prominent television director Shahbaz Sumar after extensively assisting notable filmmaker Sabiha Sumar in 'Good Morning Karachi' has now a short film of his very own.

Titled 'Khaeme Mein Matt Jhankain', the interestingly named drama is all geared to telecast on Zee Network as part of Zee for Unity campaign.

Written by the award winning author Amna Mufti of Saba Qamar starrer 'Ullo Baray Farkhot Nahin' fame, the short film looks intriguing. The first poster of the film is out showing distorted image of a young girl in a broken mirror.

Besides Sumar, another accliamed Pakistani filmmaker who has also directed a telefilm for Zee is Mehreen Jabbar. Titled 'Lala Begum', the projects stars Marina Khan, Humayun Saeed and Sonia Rehman in leading roles.

This new venture of Zee Network with Pakistani filmmakers will certainly open new avenues for the latter giving them a golden chance of flaunting their expertise to a wider range of audience.