Pakistani media is like a wild child, says Reham Khan

She feels this wild child needs more regulation to prosper.
Updated 24 Jul, 2015 09:06pm

Famous across the globe as politician Imran Khan's wife, Reham Khan has no reservations disclosing her true feelings about the Pakistani media.

In a recent interview with Aurora, Reham Khan spoke at length about 'The Reham Khan Show', life before Imran Khan, and life after marriage.

The journalist felt that the "Pakistani media is like a wild child" and that there is a dearth of trained people in our industry. She says most of the crew learn while on the job.

Revealing the truth about media house which look glamorous other wise, she shares that only a few pay their employees on time:

"Firstly, there are hardly any trained people. The cameramen, researchers, editors, light men etc., are all learning on the job. Secondly, most media organisations do not pay their employees on time. On the outside our media appears very vibrant and the anchors are highly paid. However, the crew, which really make the show, is underpaid and not given the respect they deserve."

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According to the budding filmmaker who is all set to establish herself in the field with her movie 'Jaanan', Khan believes that Pakistani media lacks a proper foundation which otherwise could have turned it into an established industry.

"The Pakistani media is like a wild child who has grown up on the streets without the benefits of ‘achi tarbiyat’ (good upbringing). There are no rules or regulations to monitor a conduct which could have made that child turn into a ‘muhazzab jawaan’ (respectable adult).