Leading ladies take center stage in 'Nazo'
Leading ladies take center stage in 'Nazo'

Leading ladies take center stage in 'Nazo'

Kudos to Zhalay Sarhadi and Sonya Hussain's brilliant performances!
Updated Aug 17, 2015 08:27pm

Big Bang Entertainment and Director Aabis Raza must have noticed the growing trend of Pakistani dramas showing the same done to death topics focusing on dearth of good rishtas, tragedies of a typical bahu in her susral, and the hardships endured in a love marriage.

And in order to break the monotony, the drama makers went the extra mile to entertain the drama buffs with something diverse this time around- a story of a mentally challenged girl and how her parents and society cope with her disabilities - and we feel their plan is definitely working.

The story so far:

Starring Sonya Hussain, Zhalay Sarhadi, Ahmed Ali, and Atiqa Odho in prominent roles, the latest drama on Urdu1 airing every Monday during the prime time slot,'Nazo' is a heartbreaking tale that gives audience a chance to take a peek into the lives of people who are living with a special child. It's obviously no easy feat and 'Nazo' shows that immensely well.

The first two episodes of the drama focused solely on establishing the characters. Atiqa Odho essays the role of a successful entrepreneur Tabassum, a widow who has single-handedly raised her two daughters, Samra and Nazo, ever since her husband died in a fatal accident on one cold, dark, rainy night. However, now that the girls have grown up, Tabassum has dedicated most of her time to her growing business and hence hardly gets to spend quality time with her children- something that makes her eldest daughter hate her.

Zhalay Sarhadi plays the elder, responsible sister to her younger sister Nazo ( Sonya Hussain) who is mentally challenged. From brushing her teeth to putting her to bed at night, Samra makes sure she is always there for Nazo despite her strenuous work schedule. As a matter of fact, she looks after Nazo like a mother would, tending to all her needs and this is why the the latter is very emotionally attached and close to her older sister who she refers to as 'Aapi' in a slurred speech.

it's also important to mention here that while Samra shares a strained relationship with her mom, Nazo doesn't like her altogether judging from her reactions and seems to be very scared of her. Also, both of them believe it's because of their bitter mom that their father died.

Sadly, being a considerate wife and mother, Tabassum has ensured her daughters never find out how sick of a man their dad was as he had always wanted a son and also hated his wife for giving birth to a pagal larki who he couldn't tolerate seeing around himself.

The sad story takes an interesting turn when Nazo flees from home upon seeing a heated argument between Samra and her mom and catches pneumonia owing to the downpour that night. Following the critical pneumonia attack, Samra admits her in the hospital where we are thankfully introduced to a new character, Habeel (Ahmed Ali).

Habeel, who is at the hospital because of his ailing divorced sister, develops an interest in Samra. He watches her in an upsetting condition in the corridors of the hospital praying for Nazo's swift discovery. He thinks it's her own child Samra is so concerned about but soon finds out the reality when Nazo is shifted to the same ward as his sister's.

Besides helping out Samra in the hospital by getting medicines and a few other necessities, Habeel is also shown to be quite compassionate towards Nazo.

The good

Be it Sonya Hussain's makeover to portray her as an abnormal child, or Zhalay Sarhadi's expressions on different occasions, everything looks real almost as if Hussain is actually mentally disturbed and Sarhadi has always been her caretaker.

The brilliant performances of the two is like icing on the cake. Audience have still yet to come across a scene where they feel as if the actors are feigning anything. Also, Atiqa Odho, being the seasoned actress she is, once again shows her acting prowess and we love how the audience is in a love/hate relationship with her.

Ahmed Ali is also doing a pretty good job being a newbie.

The bad

Two episodes in, and we were tired of watching Sonya Hussain speaking in a slurred tone being the abnormal child along with doing what a typically mentally challenged person does, Atiqa Odho trying hard to straighten things up with her daughters and Zhalay Sarhadi being the older responsible sister. The slow paced drama started getting boring and we couldn't be happier with the new twist- arrival of Habeel.

Now that we have an idea what is going to ensue, we are pretty sure we will keep following 'Nazo' religiously.