Muhammad Usama and Huma Amir to host morning show on Bol

Titled as ‘Dunya Bol Hai,’ the morning show primarily focuses on socio-political issues
Updated 25 Aug, 2015 07:54pm

The eminent newscasters Muhammad Usama Ghazi and Huma Amir Shah are the latest additions to join the morning show bandwagon with a daily show on Bol News.

Titled as ‘Dunya Bol Hai’ the morning show primarily focuses on socio-political issues, other than covering health and entertainment. Renowned reporters and professionals have also been invited on the show to get their expert opinions on different issues.

Both hosts have been a part of morning transmissions on different channels. Shah used to host ‘The Morning Show wit Huma Amir’ on Express 24/7 where as Ghazi was a part of Express morning transmission where he used to interview people belonging to different fields of life.

Ghazi began his broadcasting career with Business Plus in 2004 where he worked as an anchor and provided daily stock market updates.

He joined Express News in May 2007 as a news anchor and worked there before joining Dunya TV. He has also worked at Samma TV.

On the other hand, Shah has over a decade's worth of journalistic experience which includes her association with leading channels such as AAJ TV, PTV, and Express 24/7.