Dear Saif: Don't mess with Pakistan!

Saif should concentrate more on his career graph, rather than his movies not being released in Pakistan
Published 26 Aug, 2015 08:24am

Not quite sure when Saif Ali Khan gave his last hit in Bollywood, but he is definitely trending on twitter in Pakistan, and for all the wrong reasons.

The struggling actor's recent remarks "I don't have faith in Pakistan," in regards to his film Phantom being banned in Pakistan were justifiably not taken well with our stars. From Nadia Jameel to Shaan Shahid and Hamza Ali Abbasi, they're all saying the same thing; Don't mess with Pakistan Saif!

Shaan Shahid updated his Facebook status saying "faithless Saif needs to find life beyond Pakistan..."

Hamza Ali Abbasi also updated his Facebook status with the following message:

"No PAKISTANI actor said "I have lost faith in India" when you banned WAAR and we also kept quiet when you banned Bin Roye in Maharashtra fearing a reaction from RSS type extremist organizations. First you become part of a film which shows Pakistan to be a terrorist HQ and then complain when its banned? If u think its funny how a terrorist can go to court in Pakistan, i too find it funny how a mass murderer of Muslims in Gujrat can become the Prime Minister of India. Let me now say this, because of movies like Phantom and hateful actors like Saif Ali Khan, I AM LOSING FAITH IN INDIA."

Ironically, as per Faisal Sherjan, Phantom was actually never submitted to the censor boards for review.

Well Saif, perhaps you should concentrate more on your career graph, rather than your movies not being released in Pakistan.