Selective Patriotism and the Banning Diaries

"Free and confident societies are not scared of films," rightly said by Rauf Klasra
Updated 02 Sep, 2015 01:39am

Oh where does one begin in these times of 'ban everything you don't agree with because our faith is weak?' I guess I'll start with a question. I'd like to ask the likes of Shaan Shahid, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Gohar Rasheed, and Ashraf Choudhery if they will take responsibility if anything happens to Mawra Hocaine or her family's lives in response to their hate speech? Lets be honest, ours is a country full of religious and right wing fanatics who are ready to kill at a moment's notice. So are any one of you going to acknowledge the part you played in it if God forbid, that does happen?

A couple of years ago, some director in the US made a movie insulting Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and the government banned YouTube, which till this day has remained banned. That's right; they didn't just block the movie, they banned YouTube in its entirety. That'll teach all the people who thought Pakistanis weren't tolerant! [Sense the sarcasm please]

A few days ago, it was the struggling actor Saif Ali Khan's turn to be banned. His flopped film Phantom was banned in Pakistan due to the film's anti-Pakistan rhetoric so he stated he "had no faith in Pakistan." To counter that, our Censor Boards banned all future Chote Nawab films. That'll teach Bollywood to make another anti-Pakistani film! [Again, sense the sarcasm please]

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Phir kya hua you ask? Well our Pakistani actress, Mawra Hocaine is shooting for a Bollywood film these days and decided she was going to get a bit controversial and tweeted saying she'd rather watch the film first and then decide whether it is good or bad and some stuff about humanity.

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Bus jee, phir kya tha? The awaam went nuts and so did some of our film actors, and then some. Shaan started a #BanMawra hashtag on twitter, Hamza Ali Abbasi went on his usual holier than thou Facebook rant, and some guy named Ashraf Chaudhry (who?) decided he was going to slut shame her by tweeting "just like terrorists, sluts don't have a home either." Oh and lets not forget Gohar Rasheed who didn't exactly say ban her, but would like her to remember that Pakistan is where she earned her fame. Got it Gohar...thanks for the reminder as she had completely forgotten. So obviously it is war!

Oh and btw, by now Saif Ali Khan has moved on to another flop film, leaving us Pakistanis to fight each other. Cause it's not like we can just move on and ignore someone saying something to stupid to actual stuff like, oh I don't know, the Kasoor tragedy perhaps? Besides Hamza Ali Abbas (and credit must be given where its due) none of the others like Shaan, Ashraf Chaudhery, Faisal Qureshi, or even Gohar Rasheed said anything about it. Where is your patriotism when hundreds of kids are getting raped and molested in your country? Where is your outrage on social media then? No where, you know why? Because it is selective patriotism.

So what does Mawra Hocaine do? Well she writes an open letter to the 55 year old Shan Shahid which goes kind of like this "Honestly I'm only just a kid infront of the 55 year old Shan shahid instead of taking pride in bashing kids less than half his age he should become a mentor and try and fix things for us, if we make mistakes. We work so hard to achieve the love & respect in our people's hearts and he always attempts to ruin it for everyone in a jiffy. Be it me, Ali Zafar, Fawad khan or Someone as legendary as Javed Shiekh . He has always bashed everyone who's stepped in India...." the entire post

Now we aren't saying that what Mawra did was great...of course not. It was stupid and controversial. But what right do all these 'elders' have to say the things they have been saying about her and even trying to ban her from Pakistan? She is a 22 year old kid who made a dumb mistake; get over it and get over yourselves. It's not like any of the aforementioned names haven't done anything degrading before at all. It's not like these guys, at the age of 22, were perfect gentlemen and patriots. Shaan never made any Pakistani films in which he is dancing around in the rain with half clothed women, right? Hamza Ali Abbasi would never make a film with item numbers; he is dead against such vulgar stuff and would never go anywhere else but Pakistan for work or education; except for the time he was doing his bachelors at a University in the US. Hamza, can you honestly tell us you were the perfect ambassador of Pakistan while in the US? That you didn't do anything stupid at that age? Btw, did anyone see the "Khul Jae Botel" song from the upcoming Jawani Phir Nahi Aani? Oh wait, he turned preacher again and isn't promoting the movie. Oh and let's not forget Pyare Afzal; The drama that brought Hamza Ali Abbasi fame, is the one where the OST is actually of an old Indian song! And again, who is Ashraf Choudhery?

While all of this was going on, there were the likes of Sohail Javed, Agha Ali, Arjomand Raheem, Jami Moor, Rauf Klasra, and Jibran Nasir who have a mind and actually use it.

All of these statuses rightly state what needs to be said right now. But the best and unfortunately the most closest to the truth is Jami Moor's.

On ARY news, Rauf Klasra rightly stated that our religion and patriotism is always on the defense. Every day one has to prove themselves to the likes of Shaan and Hamza. Why? "Free and confident societies are not scared of films," he said and he is so right!! Why is it that only Pakistan's faith is so sensitive and weak that a book, a film, or someone's tweet is a reason to ban them?

On the other hand, religious fanatics like Junaid Jamshed can criticize women all he wants, say that its not his fault that Allah didn't want to mention women in The Quran, or even go as far as to insult a pious personality like Hazarat Ayesha (RA) and get away with it. He can happily (and safely might I add) come back from hiding in London, do a Ramzan transmission on ARY, and no one will utter a word. Why?

So get over yourselves, your selective patriotism, and stop making Pakistan seem so weak that any ridiculous book, movie, or tweet can start a hate campaign! If you actually, truly care, call the person you are upset with and talk to them directly. But for God sake, stop reacting to every little thing like spoiled toddlers, and that too publicly! Stop messing with my country and making a fool out of it by your rants!

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