HIP for Each Other: Hira Tareen and Ali Safina

"I try to take her actual name or call her with love all the time," says Ali Safina.
Updated 20 Oct, 2015 06:04pm

Our 'HIP' and happening industry couple for this week is Hira Tareen and Ali Safina. The extremely versatile and beautiful Hira Tareen is a Model, actress, DJ, & Founder, Creative Director, Designer at ICON Clothing. She is married to the equally talented VJ, Radio presenter, host, and anchor, Ali Safina

Take a look at what this couple had to say:

1. Where and how did you meet?

Hira: At a friend’s place.

Ali: Met at a random get together at a mutual friend’s place.

2. How long have you been together?

Hira: Four and a half years.

Ali: Four and a half years.

👫 the beginning

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3. What do you call your partner?

Hira: He doesn’t like me to publicly disclose what I call him :P

Ali: I try to take her actual name or call her with love all the time.

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4. What’s the craziest thing you have ever done for him/her?

Hira: Nothing can be crazy enough for what he deserves.

Ali: There was a DJ gig in Islamabad where Hira happened to arrive at the airport at the same time as my playing slot, so I left my equipment with total strangers to go pick her up.

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Hey guy. I miss you. Come back to Khi! 😘❤️🎉 #hubby #love

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5. Who gets up first in the morning?

Hira: Whoever needs to. Otherwise both of us love to sleep in as long as we can!

Ali: It depends on our work schedule. Whoever needs to wake up first does.

6. What’s the best gift you have ever given to him/her?

Hira: I once made a photo album of all our memories, selfies, random pics. Although it wasn’t that big of a deal, but Ali really loved it. He likes sentimental things more than material things because they require more of an effort and thought.

Ali: I think she really liked her Midi Keyboard that I got her for her birthday.

7. What is the one thing that annoys you most about him/her?

Hira: It takes forever to wake him up.

Ali: Hira doesn’t always agree with my eating habits which she considers unhealthy.

Who knows what's happening here but more importantly who cares? @alisafina

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8. Who makes up first when you guys have arguments?

Hira: Whoever knows they are in bigger trouble. :) We stretch it long enough till one realizes that there’s no winning with the other.

Ali: Haha......Me!

9. Favorite performance of your partner?

Hira: Jalaibee & Milk Sheikh.

Ali: Her acting in drama serial Manjali and film Seedlings/Lamha

Backstage at the Bridal Couture Week

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10. Three words to describe your partner?

Hira: Talented, Handsome, Honest

Ali: Intelligent, Hardworking, Beautiful

The love 👍

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Here you go guys; this was our latest 'Hip for Each Other.' Do let us know with your feedback if you want to know something more about your favorite celebrity couples!