Overload heads to India

The band will play at a private party hosted by a Punjabi tycoon, who is an ardent fan of the band.
Updated 11 Nov, 2015 02:01am

It seems that Pakistani artists haven’t taken Shiv Sena's threats very seriously as they continue making commitments to do musical shows in India. The latest to join the queue is Farhad Humayun’s band Overload, which according to a press release, is to perform in Ludhiana at the end of this month.

The band will play at a large private party hosted by a Punjabi tycoon, who is also a devout fan of the band.

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Widely recognized as the 'Loudest band in Pakistan,' Overload has constantly reinvented itself from being an instrumental drum act to a singing band with groundbreaking hits in recent years.

"Overload is one band that you can place in any park, wedding party, public space, street side, or corporate office and we guarantee to get people to forget their worries and start moving and dancing along - That is the power that has been gifted to us by our ancestors who also played the dhol. Rhythm is in our blood," stated the band's dhol player Nasir Saina in a press release.

The band's front lead, Farhad Humayun also revealed his plans in India.

"We are excited to play in Indian Punjab! Previously we have played in Delhi and some Bollywood events in Mumbai, like the Apsara Awards in 2009. We have an alternative sound that mainstream cinema doesn't really know how to use in films. We are a live act and >are happy to play to an audience which can participate. In future, if someone wants a true Pakistani sound, we'd consider doing a song or two for Indian and Pakistani cinema and Hollywood," stated the press release.

The band has released two studio albums and two live albums. Their debut self-titled album Overload, released in 2006 and topped the music charts all across Pakistan.