Omer Hassan's 'Dance Kahani' sounds promising

The first teaser revealed Vernin U'chong as Tipu, the second one featuring the female lead will be revealed soon.
Published 20 Nov, 2015 10:02pm

Pakistan’s first dance film Dance Kahani’ is a treat for all those who have passion for dancing. The shoot of the film has finally completed and it is set to hit theatres in 2016.

The promotional trailer of the film reveals the an important character of the film Vernin U'chong as Tipu. Take a look!

Tipu is a free runner and has amazing Parkour skills - it is the art of moving along a route, typically in a city, trying to get around or through various obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, as by jumping, climbing, or running.

Tipu prefers to perform alone and incorporates Parkour moves very intelligently in his performances.

A poster featuring Tipu was revealed on November 14, 2015

First poster of the film #DanceKahani releasing in 2016

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The film's shooting started in 2012 and it took them almost three years to release the first trailer of the film.

Initially titled as Dance Diaries, the film is about an upscale British Pakistani girl Nizzy and her passion for dancing. The film features her journey which starts on a sad note; an incident leads to complete destruction of her dreams, but she doesn’t leave hope and returns with a new spirit.

The film has been directed and written by Omar Hassan, who was earlier associated with advertising. It has been produced by H2O Films and Ion Entertainment in association with Act One.

The director Omar Hassan told HIP that he was waiting for the right time to release the film.

“Although we shot the film in 2013 but we were waiting till the audience had matured enough [seen enough films] to accept our film. After a long wait of two years we thought now it was a right time to present it to audience," he said.

The film mostly includes fresh blood. These young actors were chosen as per the requirement of the script. The lead cast includes Madeleine Hanna, Alamdar Khan and Vernin U'chong.

The film gives an insight into the underground dance scene in Karachi and explores the hidden talent of the city.

“As our film required actors to be trained dancers we contacted a top notch dancing school, Act One which helped us find new talent for the movie," Hasan added.

When HIP asked the director the reason behind the change of the film title, he said that he found it necessary due to several reasons.

“The lead actress of my film is a foreigner and the other important character Tipu, is being played by Vernin U'chong. His name also sounds foreign although he is a local boy. This, and also the previous title, Dance Diaries, gave an impression that the film is not targeted towards the local audience, so we decided to add an Urdu word kahani to form a connection with the local audience," he stated.

Despite being a low-budget film, the makers haven't compromised on the quality as it has been shot using Carl Zeiss lenses.

The director in the end said that in a few days he would unveil another trailer revealing the main lead of the film played by Madeleine Hanna.

The first teaser was revealed in April this year. It immediately grabbed attention thanks to dancing moves of the film's male lead.