Sana Javed and Meekal Zulfiqar to star in the A-plus drama 'Intezaar'

Kashif Nisar, director of 'Sangat', is set to highlight another taboo topic (child abuse) in this A-Plus serial.
Updated 27 Nov, 2015 11:35pm

Sana Javed and Meekal Zulfiqar will grace the small screen in A-Plus' upcoming play Intezaar.

The play also stars Azfer Rehman and Anam Fayyaz. The drama serial has been penned by Asma Sayani, the writer of Geo’s Piya Mann Bhaye.

It has been directed by Lahore based director Kashif Nisar who earlier directed Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahin and Hum TV’s popular play Sangat about rape victims.

In Intezaar, the director will once again highlight a taboo topic (child abuse) in the guise of a love story.

Drama writer Asma Sayani while exclusively talking to HIP revealed the plot saying,

“In life nothing is predictable, but sometimes destiny takes such a sudden turn that everything changes in a blink of second. In this serial, we have shown life of two cousins whose life turns upside down in seconds and they end up living in a circumstance they have never imagined.”

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Sayani further added that special attention has been given to Zulfiqar’s character. He is shown as a jolly and romantic person who enjoys life to the fullest.

“Zulfiqar’s role is of particular importance in the serial as there is a slow transition from a carefree person to a responsible individual. As the drama progresses, he’ll get trapped in a situation where he has to make a choice between his love and responsibility,” Sayani said.

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Sayani further added that Anum Fayyaz will play the character of Saba - a child abuse victim

The first spell of the drama has already been shot in Lahore, and the second spell has begun in Karachi. The play is expected to air in late December on A-Plus.