Live updates from FPW15 Day Three: Red Carpet to Ramp!

The final day is here! No more wearing those killer heels and that red lip colour that refuses to come off!
Updated 01 Dec, 2015 04:50am

Everyone's probably sick and tired of the drill.

Step one: Slather lots of cream and serums at night and pray to lord that the dark circles and puffiness vanish magically by the morning.

Step two: Write reviews of the night's proceedings or if you're free of this duty, you go ahead and perform your day job.

Step three: Run like a madman towards the salon to torture the poor hair follicles third time in three days.

Step four: With 10-minutes to the event and you still in your woke-up-like-this-look (the real one, not the Instagram one); you decide to leave the rest to the pro. Yes, you put on Mac's Ruby Woo and head to the venue, because red lips can save the day, anytime, anywhere.

If you're the one caught in this drill then my sympathies are with you, but cheer up today is the last day. But first, it's time to wear those killer (literally) heels again and head out!

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The final day of Fashion Pakistan Ween Winter/Festive is here! And so are our live updates.

7:30 pm

Last minute rehearsals for Nilofer Shahid's grand final are on way.

Here is what's happening backstage

Amana Babar sporting the 'Poodle hair do' (according to Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries).

Why so sad Tooba Siddiqui?

Here is the line-up for today.

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8:00 pm

As we wait for the show to begin, let's see what surprises we have today. Yesterday was all about Diyar-e-Dil, this time Ho Mann Jahaan will take over the runway. Here's a sneak peek.

Guess, who the girl in golden dupatta is!

The view from the back.#rehearsal #fpw15 #fpw #mahirakhan

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Here's the big reveal.

Frieha Altaf showing Mahira Khan how it's done.

Amna Ilyas and Sheheryar Munawar take the mandatory selfie during the rehearsals.

Mira Sethi also joined team HMJ or rather Adeel Hussain and Mahira Khan during the rehearsals.

Sethi will be walking the ramp for Delhpi while Munawar, Khan and Hussain will be walking for the fashion power house Umar Sayeed.

Sheheryar Munawar is nice enough to let us know when team HMJ left the venue to get prepped up for the event.

Team Hmj has left the building. #hmj #homannjahaan #film #mahirakhan #adeelhussain #sheheryarmunawar #pakistan

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8:15 pm

We present to you the host of the evening Zhalay Sarhadi looking gorgeous in Wardha Saleem.

Sheheryar Munawar has arrived, looking like a desi prince charming in the jacket.

The Fashion Pakistan team has arrived, playing safe. I see Tapu Javeri, Sanam Chaudhri, Wardha Saleem, and Nubain Ali. I'm sure you do too.

8:30 pm

Nadia Hussian has arrived! And she chooses to experiment with green.

Atiqa Odho also chooses to play safe in a black shalwar kameez.

#atiqaodho at the redcarpet! #fpw15 #day3 #winterfestive #urdu1

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Meanwhile this is going on backstage.

8:45 pm

'The Elysian' by Umar Sayeed

The Elysian Collection is:

"yet another feather in Umar Sayeed's creative cap. The pieces are pristine and cohesive, intricately embellished and innovatively styled with a sense of whimsy. The collection realms on shades of pastels, each piece being individual enough without being overpowering; it heralds Umar Sayeed's trademark craftsmanship, embellished with crystals and pearl beading, coupled with sexy silhouettes which all come together to cast an ever-lasting spell of beauty."

The show starts on a high. With Mi-raqsam qawali playing in background; Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar and Adeel Hussain just stole the show with their flirtatious little act, in the first few minutes of the show.

The Ho Mann Jahaan playlist is playing in full force here. Khush Piya Waseen by Tina Sani took us through the middle while the show ended on Asrar's Shakar Wanda.

Did Sherry just shake his leg on the ramp or was that an optical illusion? And not just him, Khan and Hussain also joined in.

No it wasn't, and while he was at it, he tripped! But thank god no harm was done to him or Mahira Khan, to whom he held on to for support.

Coming to the collection, it was a typical Umar Sayeed collection featuring a neutral colour palette and special attention to detail (embroidery).

9:00 pm

'Baad-e-Naubahar' by Zaheer Abbas


Gulonmein rung bharaybaad-e-naubahaar chalay... Chalaybhiaaokaygulshankakaarobaarchalay !!!


"Zaheer Abbas presents the lyrical Baad-e-naubahaar collection inspired by a soulful sonnet of the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz's, the poetry depicts a longing for the return of beloved, a portrayal of a distressing soul with a wishful heart.

The collection is based on color palette of black, plush pinks, pastels and rich tones of maroons, the collection showcases master craftsmanship with intricate hand embroideries in thread, naqshi, gota and various forms of crystals and pearl beading with a balanced progression from gold to silver embellishments.

The collection start with a remixed version of Kayseria balam playing in the background and Fauzia Aman arrives in a stunning black sari.

That trailing embellished coat with dhoti shalwar is the winner for me.

The collection moves form black to deeper purples/Maroons.

It slowly dissolves into ethereal whites.

The music also become upbeat with Kala Doriya playing in the end as Amna Ilyas, stopped the show with her latkas and jhatkas.

9:15 pm

’Dream Weave’ by Nida Tapal

Dream Weave is an amalgamation of superior crochet weaving methods complimented with traditional Zardozi craft. We've also played with structures, fabrics and colours to create silhouettes that are inimitable and classic,” stated the announcer.

I’m not too sure about this color palette. I’ve seen green and blue work together before, but maybe this is the wrong shade. Love what Tooba’s wearing.

Mehreen Syed’s golden crocheted cape can uplift any outfit and mood, so get your hands on it as soon as possible!

As we said earlier, Mira Sethi is the showstopper.

9:30 pm

'Dil Rubba' by Zainab Chottani

"It’s a collection that is unlike the others. A mix of the old era with trendy new styles. There is nothing more graceful than wearing traditional silhouettes, and nothing more satisfying than being caught up on the latest trend; hence, Dil-Rubba introduces ghararas modernized into pants, and a mesmerizing showcase of gowns and jackets," explained the announcer.

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Sunita Marshall opens the show.

Loving the desi beats today. Now Madame Noor Jehan's Henna ki khushboo is spreading its magic on the ramp. The clothes not so much!

9:45 pm

What's up with the colour palettes these days. What happened to the rule that you shouldn't mix two cool-toned colours or colors from same family (pink and purple)?

Chottani has cut down on volume and focused on relatively slender silhouettes.

Love this shawl on Mehreen Syed, perfect for the winter weddings ahead.

Halka Halka Suroor is on in the background now, and Mehwish Hayat stops the show for Zainab Chottani.

’Imperial A/W 2015’ by Faraz Manan

"The collection is a beautiful mix of the finest fabrics; French silks, brocade and organza with hues of red, grey, blue, pink, silver and gold. Complimented by traditional embellishments and intricate embroidery techniques with modern cuts for a wider appeal."

OMG! This collection is so similar to Nida Azwer's collection! The intricate (and lots of) lace work is missing though. Any way, I've a feeling, I'm going to like Manan's Imperial A/W 2015.

10:00 pm

I will be trying out this belted dupatta style soon. The shirts have mostly been on the longer side in today’s showcases’. I’ve yet to see crop tops today which were all the rage last year.

Did I like Manan's collection as much as Azwer's? No, but it has been the best one so far on day three of FPW.

10:15 pm

'The Legacy' by Nauman Arfeen

"People design to create fashion; I design to create a legacy," says Nauman Arfeen.

This is what the presenter had to say about Arfeen's collection,

"In hues of ivory, olive and honey dew, the designer behind a brand that spells men's fashion in Pakistan, has set his collection in a rich, royal Mughal mood. Using plush textiles such as raw silk, velvet, hand woven Jamawaar and Mysore silks as his canvas.

Nauman creates an enchanting imagery blending the contemporary with the traditional. Elephant plays the motif that weaves a pattern of strength symbolising the collection. While digital prints add vibrancy, intricate embroideries introduce textures to stamp a stunning effect. And the extravagance in footwear just completes The Legacy."

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The showcase starts with Taal's theme song playing in the background and poetry with a certain male with a baritone vocals.

The showcase starts with a array of ever classic white sherwanis.

Embroidery has kicked in, but I’m glad Nauman Arfeen hasn’t gone overboard with embellishment and colors. The headgears (pagri) are quit puffed up and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Finally, I spot a female on the runway. Fauzia Aman makes a grand appearance with a big nath, bindia and a voluminous lehenga in peach.

Oh, I almost missed Aijaz Aslam and Faisal Qureshi in all that male-ness. Every man looks the same to me in sherwani, to be honest.

Sanam Chaudhri, the chairperson of Fashion Pakistan, and CEO Wardha Saleem arrive on runway to thank their sponsors, hospitality partner TDAP, choreographer Frieha Altaf, and event and media partner Urdu 1.

10:30 pm

Get ready for the grand finale!

'Rembrandt' by House of Meeras

Nilofer Shahid's Rembrandt collection is in many ways a conversation between two artists, a powerful expression of her applause for the Master!

"The Rembrandt Collection is the culmination of a long-standing creative obsession with life and works of the Dutch Grand Master Rembrandt. The powerful paintings are an inspiration enough to dedicate this collection to the Maestro, it is my tribute to the genius whose work continues to inspire people and evoke sheer awe!" Shahid told HIP.

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10:45 pm

Hey! I’m back from the medieval era!

Shahid’s collection transposted us all into Rembrandt's era. It was poetic, grand and just like a painting. The part where, Fia khan, Sunita Marshall an Nadia Hussain did a little waltz of sorts was the highlight.

The ball gowns and all ruffles weren’t so practical, but a fashion week allows you to showcase your mad creativity. Your retail shops are there to satisfy the clients who’re looking for practical designs.

The asymmetrical coats, capes and ruffled sleeves; all played ode to Rembrandt.

Just look at these asymmetrical pants.

11:00 pm

That's what we call a grand finale!

It was grand no doubt. Mehreen Syed in that medieval elaborate Maroon gown and the crown looked like a queen.

Final Verdict

Today had its set of memorable moments with Nilofer Shahid presenting her grand collection after 30 years, Ho Mann Jahaan cast walking for Umer Sayeed and Mehreen Syed stealing the show in that gown.

Were any new trends introduced today? No, I don't think so. Faraz Manan had a peplum shirts with dhoti pants, but we saw that yesterday too in Nida Azwer's showcase. Yes, he did use lots of belts, and we are going to as well.

Zaheer Abbas kept it classic featuring basic ghagras with long shirts and shalwar kameez, focusing on details.

Zaheer Abbas' collection: very crisp and well finished. #FPW15 loved the shalwars.

A photo posted by Aamna Haider Isani (@somethinghauteofficial) on

Umar Sayeed was ethereal as usual with his intricate embellishments.

Delphi's shimmering crocheted shrugs were love, but Nida Tapal's collection failed to leave a lasting mark.

Surprisingly, Zainab Chottani's 'Dil Rubba' wasn't that dil rubba after all. I, personally didn't like the colour palette and the embroidery was also OTT.

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