Campus calling: 'Ho Mann Jahaan' team visits IBA, CBM, and Greenwich
Campus calling: 'Ho Mann Jahaan' team visits IBA, CBM, and Greenwich

Campus calling: 'Ho Mann Jahaan' team visits IBA, CBM, and Greenwich

The cast and crew is busy creating 'the buzz' via campus visits, morning shows, game shows, and the concert on Dec, 15.

Published Dec 09, 2015 01:51am

Broad daylight, October, 2015:

A group of people are huddled around a table in a well-lit room in the headquarters of 'The Vision Factory'. One man then speaks loud and clear, “We shall do everything in our power to make Ho Mann Jahaan the talk of town!”

(Disclaimer: Above paragraph is fiction, we don't believe in putting up spy cameras in film headquarters.)

And so they did; music launch, appearances on morning shows, creating Dubsmash frenzy, and campus visits...the marketing team of HMJ went into on overdrive to create the much-needed buzz before the film's release on January 1.

Out to promote. Here we come #IoBM #mahirakhan #adeelhusain #sheheryarmunawar #homannjahaan #film #asimraza #pakistan

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Promotions. #fahadmustafa #mahirakhan #asimraza #hmj #homanjahaan #sheheryarmunawar

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Earlier, team invited Dubsmash entries on Shakar Wanda from all over Pakistan. The winner (video which gets most likes on Facebook) will get a chance to attend the HMJ concert which will be held on December 15 in Karachi.

Meanwhile, the team is Shakar Wanda-ing in every show to add fuel to the fire.

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Thank you #IoBM ! You guys are rockstars! 🤘🏼

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The campus calling started with IoBM (Institute of Business Management), popularly known as CBM, on Monday.

According to an eye-witness, Mahira Khan, Adeel Hussain, Sonya Jehan, Sheheryar Munawar, and Asim Raza entered the campus around 1:30 pm. They had been invited by the media society of the business college, so they headed straight to the activity centre instead of the auditorium.

I can almost envision them walking down that arid, very windy lane towards the activity centre, trying to keep their clothes and bearings in place. A struggle every CBMer understands too well.

Fittingly enough, the Shakar Wanda dance happened outside the examination building with media society members at the forefront with the stars. Here’s the video.

The group then entered the activity centre and a mini question and answer session took place, during which Mahira Khan was asked a question regarding the ‘revival of cinema’. She was quick to correct that ‘revival’ of cinema had happened already, so let’s not stick to the term.

The highlight for the giggly girls was the time when Sheheryar Munawar and Adeel Hussain distributed friendship bands.

Greenwich University

The Ho Mann Jahaan team had IBA and CBM on their list. Mahira Khan looked uber cool in her 'brotha's' sweatshirt and the side braid.

Thanks for the sweatshirt brotha @hassaankahn ✌🏻️and you @sanahafeezsheikh for you 😍

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The Greenwich visit started with the screening of the trailer, a student narrated. (Yes, we have spies everywhere).

The student sounded a bit off as she complained, “The trailer was quite long. Ten minutes went by just like that!” She further said that Asim Raza did most of the talking as he spoke about the film. Someone asked the cast the done-to-the-death question, “So how was the experience of working in HMJ?”

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The jam packed Greenwich auditorium 😀 #homannjahaan

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Sheheryar Munawar replied as any person who has answered the same question a hundred times would. He said that as they had explained time and again, it was really nice and wonderful working with such a nice team. The highlight of the visit was the song (Dil Kare), a girl sang for Adeel Hussain.

As planned, the team then got up for the Shakar Wanda Dubsmash but it was not to be. According to our reporter (student), the students were busy taking selfies and the precious time went by. The students did get a fair share of CDs though.

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The cast and director of Ho Mann Jahaan had one busy day today. After Greenwich University, the team headed to IBA’s main campus to participate as the judge’s panel in IBA Idol 2015. A group also performed on Shakar Wanda, have a look.

Eventually, the HMJ’s team made it to stage and the discussion started with Munawar, Jehan, Raza, Khan, and Hussain, sharing their experience of shooting in IBA. Sheheryar said that it was just like his good old university days, except that he was more ‘disciplined’ during the shoot.

The boy in the red probably had all his prayers answered today.

Asim Raza also revealed his favourite film from the current lot and said that he liked Moor best.

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Sonya Jehan, also shared her experience of working with Shahrukh Khan in My Name is Khan. After sharing their experiences, a singing competition took place during which the team revealed that Adeel Hussain was the best singer amongst the lot.

If you listen closely, you can catch him singing in this video clip.

The selfie session took place and music CDs of Ho Mann Jahaan were distributed amongst the students.

The team is headed to Szabist, Iqra University, and Bahria University next in between more morning show and game show appearances. Meanwhile, the engineering and medical colleges feel left out from the HMJ frenzy.