Mobilink is crying for help in their new print ad and TVC

The adverts blatantly state Mobilink lacks all creativity and thinks this is the only way to sell their phones
Updated 21 Dec, 2015 05:24am

Imagine one morning you are having breakfast with your family and suddenly your father, dada, nana, dadi, nani, (or any older relatives) realizes that he/she hasn't seen today's Jang Urdu newspaper and asks that you be so kind as to go and get it for them.

You get up to see if the paper has been delivered and find it sitting in the lounge. You pick up the newspaper to take it to the breakfast table and all of a sudden you are trying to find ways to not be the one delivering the paper to the breakfast table. Why? Because as soon as you had opened it, the below image is what you saw:

Yes, ladies and gentleman, this was how Mobilink decided to advertise their Jazz X in the Daily Jang yesterday and for some odd reason, Jang Newspaper had no objection!

Like always, social media went nuts from both sides of the isle in regards to the add. Some were appalled and others were stating how ironic that the number one country to search porn online (Pakistan) can't handle such an ad. As always our celebs too felt the need to say something and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy updated her facebook status saying:

Now, let's say the above is right and there are bigger things to worry about (and there are), it is still a really, really bad ad, not to mention completely inappropriate and tasteless.

I would really like to know what was going on in the marketing geniuses (sense the sarcasm) at Mobilink's heads when they decided to do this? What was Jang Newspaper thinking when they decided to say 'yes' to this? I mean, honestly speaking, Jang's target audience is not those people who are going to look at this ad and all of a sudden go buy the phone!

Now let's say it isn't an elder asking for the Daily Jang. Let's say your 4 year old brother/sister/son/daughter is playing around and sees the paper with this ad and asks 'why is this aunty laying around like that holding a phone?" Kids are very inquisitive these days; they don't hesitate to ask anything.

Unfortunately that wasn't it. Mobilink's actual TVC for the Jazz X too is really bad. Take a look:

The entire concept to me is a cry for help and screams 'We at Mobilink lack all creativity and think this is the only way we may be able sell our phone."

Ahmed Ali Butt actually had the best response to this TVC when he updated his Facebook status with this following:

Okay, I don't actually agree with him using the term 'Paindu queen,' but the rest is pretty on spot! Someone please remake the entire TVC.