Ushna Shah is sick of stereotyping on TV, would like to do theatre

Television has become monotonous with similar lead roles being offered time and again, says Ushna Shah.
Updated 25 Dec, 2015 08:08pm

Renowned actress Ushna Shah, after doing dramas and making a name in the industry, is now planning to take a step back and shift her attention towards theater.

The actress told HIP, that she was always inclined to do stage performances. She believes that theater can help her hone her acting skills.

“I am planning to get involved with theaters, not only in Pakistan, but abroad also,” she said.

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Shah maintained that although she has not yet signed any project, she's considering to experiment with the challenging field (theater).

“Television has become monotonous with similar lead roles being offered time and again. I am interested to do theatre as I am sure it will give me opportunity to learn more about the art of acting," she said.

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The actress further added, that if you play the lead on television then very limited type of roles are offered to you.

“Being a lead actress, I love to carry a project, but in the past few months, the scripts that have been offered to me don't have any margin for performance. They all require me to be a typical bechari larki which is far from reality,” she said.

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She also said that our dramas require a girl to be either a good person or a bad one. There is no room for someone who has both negative and positive traits like every real person.

“Our stereotypical heroines are so masoom that they can’t take decision on their own. The vampish ones are shown as super cruel and are again stereotyped. They speak English and wear only western clothes. It's not often that you find real people with both negative and positive shades of personality in our serials,” she said.


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Considering all this, Shah has now planned to venture into theatre and we wish her all the best for her future endeavors.