Image courtesy Mansoor Siddique
Image courtesy Mansoor Siddique

Video of Levi's 'Dikha De Rung Apna' will awaken your soul

"Comments really hurt, and guys, I'm not selling Levi's, Lux, or Coke. These people support my work," says Sara Haider.
Published 26 Dec, 2015 06:34am

In the middle of the week, Levi's decided to liven up proceedings and held the video launch of Sara Haider's song Dikha De Rang Apna. The video is directed by well-known filmmaker Jami Mehmood and there are musicians such as Omran Shafique associated with it.

Speaking of that night, the event was held at the French-inspired cafe Mews on Karachi's famous E-street and as I entered the upbeat track welcomed me. I couldn't help, but tap my feet to it. To see if I was the only one acting weird, I glanced around and much to my comfort, everyone was involved in some sort of movement. Some bobbed their heads, some tapped their feet, and the more conservative ones restricted themselves to drumming fingers.

Have a look at the video.

The video showed Haider's journey. How she remained adamant that she wanted to pursue music, met failures, but never gave up. The visuals are crisp and once you start watching the video, you can't look away. Each and every scene asks for your attention.

#SaraHaider at the launch of her latest video #DekhaDeRangApna

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Haider shared an interesting story about the video. Those tears where she's sitting and crying are real by the way.

"I was sitting, looking down, and going through this major breakdown. And there's Jami with his iPhone zooming into my face!" shared Haider with the audience.

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She further said, amid many smiles, "Please let me know if you like the video and if you don't... then just don't say anything. [She smiled] Comments really hurt. I read each and everyone of them and guys, let me just clarify that I'm not selling Levi's, Lux, or Coke. These guys support my work!"

The lyrics are done by Ahsen Bari, composition by Omran Shafique and Haider both while the concept is by AzadKhayal (an idea generation company). The man responsible for the beautiful visuals is Farhan Hafeez - the DOP.

The evening ends with #SaraHaider singing the song #DekhaDeRangApna

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“My work with Omran, Jami and Levi’s is very personal to me. It is a story. My story. I'm nervous and excited to share it with you all and I couldn't have asked for a better team to do it with. It is raw and honest, there are sad moments and happy moments," Sara Haider stated in a press release.

"I want other people like me to know that everyone goes through those things. Music is for the brave.Super psyched about the launch of my song and music video for Levi’s! It's the real story of my journey in music captured brilliantly by Jami and his team. There’s a lot of heart and soul and love that’s gone into this project and I’m very excited (and nervous) to share it with you all!”

#HasanRizvi with #SanaJaved

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Quite a few celebrities attended the event such Maira Khan, Tapu Javeri , Azaan Sami Khan, Ahmed Ali ,Sana Javed, Amna Aqueel, Danish Wakeel, Faizan Haqque, ZurainImam,Tabassum Mughal , Saim Ali, MoizKazmi , Mohammad Moiz , Zainab Muhammad , Mirza Umer, ShaziaNaz,AB Lakhani , Amir Anees ,OmranShafique , Shanaz Ramzi , Adnan Pardesy , Rohail Hayat , Farooq Mengal , Nadya Mistry , Mustafa Changezi, and Aman Ahmed.

But the stars of the show were Haider and Mehmood who mingled with the crowd which mostly contained bloggers and journalists.

Tete a tete with Jami Mahmood

Filmmaker #Jami, who is the director for #SaraHaider's video #DekhaDeRangApna

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I also managed to get hold of Jami Mahmood, despite his complain that he had never spoken this much in his life. "Aaaj bohat bola hai meine!"

First question, obviously was about Dikha De Rung Apna and whose decision was it to take Haider on board; his or the brand's?

"Levi's wanted someone fresh and young. Most importantly someone who had a success story and Sara had one, so on she came. You'll see that the video portrays her story," the director explained.

"Few times in my life I was fortunate enough to work with a client where I believe in the product as if it’s my own.Saying that without my 501, I'm not complete. It is time to return the favor to Levi’s for being with me all my life," Jami Mahmood said.

#JamiMehmood speaking to the audience about the video #DekhaDeRangApna

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Since we had gotten a chance to speak with the man behind Moor and Operation 021, and many brilliant ads, I asked what he was doing next. "My third film, Downward Dog is in post production and then I'll start working on my fourth film."

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Is his upcoming film also on the lines of Moor? He laughed and said, "All my films are from Pre-Waar time. Hum tou film banatey hain kyunke humein shauq hai. If I do it for money then I'd have to add an item number and I can't do that."

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"You'll never direct an item number?" I asked again to reaffirm. "I can't do that. I can't," he said with conviction.

Here are a few pictures from the event.

#FaizanHaqqee #spotted at the video launch

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Designer #AmnaAqueel at the video launch

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#SaimAli at the video launch

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#MairaKhan at the video launch

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#AhmedAli at the launch of #DekhaDeRangApna

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#TapuJaveri at #DekhaDeRangApna launch

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