New Year adventures for Gohar Rasheed, OKB, and Sanam Jung

Busy weekend for some stars: One went Power Gliding, one went Bungee Jumping, and one got married!
Updated 07 Jan, 2016 06:26am

Some people ring in the new year hanging out with friends, watching fireworks, having game nights, or watching Star Wars past and present (ahem ahem). Then there are our industry stars; As we go through instagrams of a few of them, here is what a few of them were up to:

Gohar Rasheed

While Rasheed waits for his character Mekaal to come on screen on HUM TV sometime soon and we wait for his directorial debut, he spent the weekend Powergliding in Hub City, Balochistan thanks to the Karachi Gliding Club. Take a look:

Flying high on the horizon Part 2 😃 #PoweredGliding #GOHARRASHEED #ExtremeSport what a thrill !!

A video posted by GOHAR RASHEED (@goharrasheed) on

The actor definitely looked like he had a blast!

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Osman Khalid Butt

Well OKB has had a busy year this year with his incredible performances in Goya and Diyar-e-Dil, not to mention writing the script for Janan. Then there was Fashion Week Pakistan and Bridal Couture Week, in which he and Faara (Maya Ali) walked for best of the best.

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So to relax and chill, he is off on vacation in Kosamui, Thailand going bungee jumping:

164 feet and it was over in a flash. Going again day after! #bungeejumping #adrenalinjunkie

A video posted by Osman Khalid Butt (@aclockworkobi) on

Singing Yeh dosti with a friends.

Last, but definitely not the least, wait for it...posing with a tiger!

Now, whether the tiger is real or not, we'll let you decide!

Sanam Jung

While Gohar Rasheed and OKB had their adventures, as scary as they might be, Sanam Jung went on a life changing adventure, literally!

Sanam Jung with her sisters and Father. #sanamjung

A photo posted by Jago Pakistan Jago FANPAGE (@jago_pakistan_jago) on

Since you all r missing Sanam Jung I want to share her Mayun and Mehndi pictures! Congratulations @jung_sanam Keep following for more! #sanamjung

A photo posted by Jago Pakistan Jago FANPAGE (@jago_pakistan_jago) on

This was the actress's pre-wedding celebrations weekend and here a few clicks for our readers from her Mayoon and dholki:

Sanam Jung and Qassam Jaffri Mehndi. #sanamjung #qassamjafri

A photo posted by Jago Pakistan Jago FANPAGE (@jago_pakistan_jago) on

Sanam and Qassam at their DHOLKI#sanamjung

A photo posted by Jago Pakistan Jago FANPAGE (@jago_pakistan_jago) on

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So, what did you do to ring in the New Year?