Dance Kahani’s 'Thoughts of You' is super romantic

‘Thoughts of You’ is an English track with beautiful lyrics depicting the feelings of love
Updated 11 Jan, 2016 09:27pm

The first song of Omer Hassan’s directorial debut Dance Kahani is finally out and we love the sweetness it has added in our life with its beautiful melody.

Sung and composed by the film's lead actor Alamdar Khan, the song exudes the feelings a guy possesses for the love of his life.

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‘Thoughts of You’ is an English track with beautiful lyrics depicting the feelings of love. While the music is soft and velvety, the song is a visual appeal too. The guy is trying to impress the girl by giving her a lift in his two-wheelers. Although we don’t know much about the film's story, but judging from the promo and the song, it seems that the guy is Nizzy’s fellow dance partner and while practicing together, they have developed feelings for each other.

Dance Kahani's media representative, Afzal Shahabuddin told HIP that the film has 12 songs composed by various musician.

“We have experimented with different music genres in the film including English romantic numbers, slow Urdu tracks, hip hop, and bhangra,” he said.

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He also added that they will soon release details of different artists working for their film.

The film's director Omar Hassan earlier spoke to HIP and said that the film is about Nizzy pursuing a professional dance career, but her dreams are shattered when her parents take her back to Pakistan.

The determined performer doesn’t lose hope and keeps on trying and eventually forms a hip-hop band by picking up talent off the streets of Pakistan.