A rock music fan? Grab your tickets for 'The D/A Method's' concert this weekend!
A rock music fan? Grab your tickets for 'The D/A Method's' concert this weekend!

A rock music fan? Grab your tickets for 'The D/A Method's' concert this weekend!

The concert will take place on February 13th at Alliance Francaise De Karachi.
Published Feb 08, 2016 06:28pm

Salt Arts brings to you yet another concert after Zoe Viccaji's disco night, and this time it's a rock band D/A Method. The band released its music album called The Great Disillusion, via Patari, in December and the concert is being held to bring the songs live to the rock music fans.

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"Salt Arts has been working with The D/A Method since December 2015, when we publicized the online release of their new three part concept album, The Great Disillusion. It was important for the band, who identifies with Karachi, but lives in different parts of the world, to get together and perform for the first time in support of the album, and the show was planned," Raania A. K Durrani, Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Salt Arts said.

"To me this show is about ownership, identity, new music and big sound. The D/A Method is a progressive rock band, the sound and its nuances are best experienced live, we want everyone to come listen, hence, this a free public concert. It is a great opportunity for listeners to come have an immersive experience."

Speaking of The D/A Method, it is a four-member band, Umair Dar - a former banker and a die hard Pakistan cricket fan, and Talha Alvie - commodities trader and musician from Islamabad who, Istvan Csabai - made in Hungary, processed in Transylvania, assembled in the UK and reprogrammed in Pakistan, and Usama Siddiq - singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and upcoming audio producer.

According to their profile page, Dar picked up the guitar when he was fifteen, inspired by Slash's killer guitar melodies and the refuge music provided from the often harsh outside world. Siddiq belongs to an artistically inclined family and started playing music at the age of ten. Alvie grew up on jazz and death metal and thinks Johnny Marr is the best guitarist ever. Csabai is is a simple man, a father, drummer & guitarist with music running through his veins.

Young artist, Ali Suhail, will also make a special guest appearance at the concert, so go grab your tickets guys!