Adnan Jaffar talks about 'Jeevan Haathi' and 'Chotay Shah'

The actor expects the greatest of films from nobodies and is anxiously waiting for his 'Zeel For Unity' films!
Updated 13 Mar, 2016 11:16pm

He is definitely not your run-off-the-mill celebrity or every-day morning show guest. He's rather that exclusive and gifted artist who loves what he does and 'only' that. When I contacted him for a short exchange of thoughts, he immediately disagreed with the fact that I am writing a story on him! Well that's the 'star' we call Adnan Jaffar. After polishing his skills with theatre, he is all set to conquer the big screen. Speaking to HIP about films and what he's up to, it seems that the actor has his plate full!

#AdnanJaffar speaks to HIP about his upcoming #ZealForUnity film, #JeevanHathi!

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Perhaps the only actor to be associated to two major Zeel For Unity films (an initiative by Zee Zindagi, where filmmakers from India and Pakistan make films and cater audiences from both the sides); Meenu and Farjad's Jeevan Haathi and Sabiha Sumar's Chotay Shah. Talking about the films and his experiences with them, here is what he has to say:

"Jeevan Haathi was a fun-filled expressive theatrical show for me! Hence, right in my ballpark as its a dark comedy. And I undoubtedly had an absurd time working on it. Chootay Shah on the contrary was a realistic and intense relationship based genre. And to maintain my emotional ups and down, Sabiha Sumar (the director) kept a keen eye, giving me great directorial pointers! Haven't seen a single frame of both the films, hence anxiously waiting."

#AdnanJaffar speaks to HIP about his upcoming #ZealForUnity film, #ChotayShah!

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And sharing his perspective on the cross-border initiative and films' revival in Pakistan, Jaffar elaborated:

"The rest of the Zeel For Unity films are all of contrasting themes, bringing many flavours for the audience. Pakistan's greatest films are still a long way away, and I hope most of them will be made by absolute 'nobodies'. And hopefully I will be part of most of them!" Also Read:

#AdnanJaffar speaks to HIP about his current lineup of projects!

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But the story surely doesn't end here HIP followers. The Jalaibee fame actor is currently shooting for Mohsin Ali's comic-thriller feature film, Chupan Chupai and will start another 'grand scale and ambitious' project in April. We look forward to seeing this multi-faceted artist more and more on our screens and wish him nothing but luck for his upcoming endeavors