HIP Exclusive: Hassan Waqas Rana on Yalghar's delay and other films being worked on

The filmmaker, aside from 'Yalghar,' is also making 'Waar 2,' and a super hero trilogy
Updated 15 Mar, 2016 08:21pm

Dr. Hassan Waqas Rana is perhaps one of the reasons behind today's 'new' and 'improved' local cinema. The filmmaker spoke to HIP about Yalghaar's immense delay and Waar2, along with an intriguing trilogy he is also working on!

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Yalghaar and it's delay!

Speaking of the delay that Yalghaar has been through, Dr. Rana confidently responds with a valid and efficient response:

"There's no particular delay to be honest, because primarily, I'm trying to make Yalghaar the best that it can be. I can only release it once I'm personally satisfied. I'm humbly appreciative about the fact that it's one of the most anticipating films of this year, but I need to make sure it's worth waiting for. Hence, there's a lot of pressure on my shoulders and I must ensure myself that I've done justice to the film!"

Elaborating further upon his take on the delay, he states that:

"As a businessman and a filmmaker, its a creative streak where you try your best to provide the audience with absolute quality. The shoot is almost done, our rough cut is almost done, and I'll finalize the last scene this week as well InShAllah."

The post-production for the film is nearly towards an end, and the master of all trade will now be looking into the last minute details before its release this year. With his exact words being: "It's physically not possible to carry out on a project for so long.", Yalghaar will surely see the daylight later in 2016. While Dr. Rana has some more intriguing films awaiting ...

Shooting #YALGHAAR in Naran with my ace Director Dr Hassan Rana!!! #ashrafbilal #iluvPakistan #bilalashraf

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Waar 2 - Major Mujtaba goes international!

The blockbuster film Waar's sequel has also been written. The original was produced, directed, and written by Rana, and the sequel will see Major Mujtaba (Shaan Shahid's character) going international for his exciting new mission, confirmed the maker Rana. Explaining a bit about what to expect in means of it's appeal and cast, he states that:

"This will be very different from Waar. It will be slicker, fun, have car chases, better action sequences, and we basically want to take it to the next level this time! It obviously stars Shaan, along with Bilal Ashraf, Ahmad Taha Ghani, and Aleeze Nasser. Since most of our shoot will take place internationally, there are some actors who haven't been locked in yet due to dates and availability issues. So, let's see how that'll shape up."

And not only that folks, the film will also feature some exciting international artists showing off their acting skills in the film. Including one huge Hollywood superstar ... (Any guesses?)

Insane shoot today. Thanks Doc!!! #yalghaar #yalghaarofficial #bilalashraf #bilalashrafofficial

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And lastly, the superhero genre trilogy!

Rana is also working on yet another film; a superhero trilogy.

"Basically it'll initially be a superhero genre trilogy that is currently in its pre-production stage. The shooting will mostly be done in the UK and we'll surely have a visual treat when it comes to effects. It'll be a different take on superheroes, and I intend to take that and Waar 2 simultaneously." said the renowned filmmaker.

Emphasizing a bit more on how all three parts would shape up, he says that:

"The first installment will focus on the person becoming a superhero, his coming to the point where he ends up wearing 'the' suit, and the realization of who he is. The leading antagonist will also be introduced in the same part and they'll eventually have a battle. It's been written by me and we are currently in its most initial stages, I'll start working on it once Yalghaar is out and about."

The casting is yet to be done, but the superhero's character will be played by none other than Bilal Ashraf. For which he'll have to physically exert himself and train hard before it goes on floors!


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HIP wishes Dr. Rana all the best for their future endeavors! We look forward to seeing all these action-packed thrillers soon.