Daraz Fashion Week is set to revolutionize the fashion show trend!

Brought to you by Bank Alfalah, the unique programme aims to modernize the antiquated fashion show history.
Updated 12 Apr, 2016 03:30pm

Always the innovator, 'Daraz.pk' has made its fashion week entirely shoppable, live, and online, modernizing the antiquated fashion show history.

Imagine watching a fashion show, online, far from the physical event. A model comes on the runway, you love the look and you want it – you click on it and add it to your cart, without pausing the stream – the next thing you know, it’s at your front door, just a few hours after you saw it on the runway. This may sound futuristic and unbelievable to many, but just about right to 'Daraz.pk', who is making this beautiful dream a reality with the Bank Alfalah - Daraz Fashion Week.

Fashion weeks have always been a part of the fashion history, accessible by magazine editors, socialites, and the 'in' crowd, and an alien concept to the masses. However, 'Daraz.pk' has paved its way into the dynamic fashion industry, bridging the gap between high-fashion and the everyday consumers with the Bank Alfalah - Daraz Fashion Week – Pakistan’s first-ever shoppable fashion show. They will be gathering top fashion designers to launch exclusive collections on the leading e-commerce platform at incredible price points that are much lower than the normal prices. 'Daraz.pk’s' webpage for the fashion week has been streamlined in a way that the shopping experience becomes effortless for the customer, making it a classic example of social entertainment and retail being rolled into one glamourous event.

Aspirational designers, namely Feeha Jamshed, Deepak Perwani, Tena Durrani, Zara Shahjahan, Amir Adnan, 'Jeem' by Bank Alfalah's rising talent Hamza Bokhari, and leading retail store 'Generation', are excited to hop on the digital era and build a connection with the masses with the help of online retail events and other innovative initiatives by Daraz.pk.

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Speaking on the occasion, Jonathan Doerr, Co-CEO 'Daraz' said, “With the Bank Alfalah – Daraz Fashion Week, we are upping the ante for fashion shows in the country. We'll be the first ones in Pakistan to take collections from the best designers in the country to the masses at prices they'll love." "We will not only make the show an engaging cinematic experience but also a never-experienced-before retail treat where people can immediately buy what they see on the ramp, which is absolutely incredible,” he added.

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The collections, which will be available to all of Pakistan from 20 April to 24 April at www.daraz.pk/fashion-show, will prove to be a game-changer for the fashion industry by not only providing the fashion fraternity an online platform to grow, but also with its endeavour to promote accessibility. With the Bank Alfalah - Daraz Fashion Week, a woman sitting in Multan will now have access to the same fashion trends as a woman sitting in Karachi.