Celebs throng Dubai for ARY Film Awards

From (almost) the entire cats of JPNA to Fahad Mustafa and Faysal Qureshi; celebrities reach Dubai in large numbers
Updated 14 Apr, 2016 04:27am

After many delays, postponements, and near deaths (of hyper sensitive fans), the ARY Film Awards are finally happening. And naturally celebrities are reaching the venue in large numbers to just hang out in Dubai because they have nothing better to do, right?

Wrong. They're there for rehearsals. A post by ARY Fim Awards' Instagram account gives us an insight into who all will be performing at the event.

From what we've gathered, by stalking Ary Film Awards hashtag and celebrities' social media accounts, is that Humayun Saeed, Ahmed Ali Butt, Vasay Chauhdry, Mehwish Hayat, Sohai Ali Abro, Fahad Mustafa, and Sanam Chaudhry have already reached Dubai. Basically, almost the entire cats of Jawani Phir Nahi Aani - a film that broke all the records on box office - is chilling in Dubai with the host of the evening, Fahad Mustafa.

Here is the proof .

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Fahad Mustafa and CEO of ARY Digital Network spotted doing some shoe shopping?

Friends ... Dubai ... #fun

A photo posted by Fahad Mustafa (@mustafafahad26) on

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Ahmed Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudhry are probably discussing how to harass the celebrities sitting in the audience with their digs.

#afa2016 #AFA #aryfilms #dubai Time to get the show on the road. @vasaych @jerjeesseja

A photo posted by Ahmad Ali (@ahmedalibutt) on

The meetings continue.

Seriously meeting #afa2016 @jerjeesseja @danishkhawaja @vasaych @mehwishhayatofficial

A photo posted by Ahmad Ali (@ahmedalibutt) on

The director of JPNA and the popular serial Dil Lagi was also spotted. I bet he's preparing his victory speech for the Best Director Award.

@nadeembaigdirector @vasaych @fatima_khanpk time for Dubai #aryfilmsawards #AFA #afa2016 @jerjeesseja

A photo posted by Ahmad Ali (@ahmedalibutt) on

The list keeps on growing as Samina humayun saeed, Sana Shahnawaz, Sohai Ali Abro, and Humayun Saeed join Chauhdry and Butt...in the elevator.

And as we know "baray baray deson mein aisi choti chot baatein hoti rehti hain"; another heart throb, Atif Aslam, also decided to drop by.

And @atifaslam dropped by #AFA16 #afa2016 @vasaych

A photo posted by Ahmad Ali (@ahmedalibutt) on

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Mehwish Hayat tells us where the rehearsals are taking place. (FYI, if you're in Dubai then go stalk the Knowledge Village)

And Hayat tells this lot something we don't know. Now we're burning with curiosity what that little mobile screen holds that has intrigued so many grown men and women.

Sanam Chaudhry took these cute photos before flying to Dubai because selfies pre and post flight are absolutely necessary.

Before i fly , ✈️🎀💕 #dubai #AFA16 #poserbae #styleoftheday #pinks #coolstuff #readytoenjoy #dubailife

A photo posted by sanam chauhdry (@sanamchauhdry) on

It looks like Zille Studio will be handling the photography for the evening.

Wait a second, talented actor and Salaam Zindagi's host, Faysal Qureshi, has also entered the mix.

Beach baazi in #dubai @sanafaysal

A photo posted by @faysalquraishi on

Needles to say, the selfies continue to come in, i large numbers.

Before i fly , ✈️🎀💕 #dubai #AFA16 #poserbae #styleoftheday #pinks #coolstuff #readytoenjoy #dubailife

A photo posted by sanam chauhdry (@sanamchauhdry) on

We can see, that even simple dinners are a star-studded affair these days.

And how can we not have some goofiness going around.

In another news, Fawad Khan will alo be present at the event that celebrates Pakistan's cinema.

Meet the Hottest Guy in Town "Fawad Khan" in #dubai at #afa16 #madinatjumeirah #biggesteventoftheyear

A photo posted by ARY Film Awards (@aryfilmawards) on

The award ceremony will take place in Madinat Jumeirah on April 16, 2016. If you're interested to attend the event then head to this site right about now.

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