Second spell of Haissam Hussain's Balu Mahi wraps up in Hunza

The third spell will be shot in Lahore and the film is slated to release sometime next year.
Updated 27 Jun, 2016 06:22pm

Renowned television director Haissam Hussain and the man behind Daastan, Dur-e-Shehwar and Aunn Zara, is finally nearing his cinematic debut with Sadia Jabbar's production, Balu Mahi. Hussain was also roped in to direct Bin Roye and a movie by 'Geo Films' initially, but things didn't turn out as planned and thankfully so, the director is set to debut on the big screen at the right time and with the right project.

Starring the heartthrob, Osman Khalid Butt, the pretty and petite, Ainy Jaffri, and supermodel-turned-actress, Sadaf Kanwal in the lead roles; the first spell of the film was shot in Lahore earlier this year, whereas the second spell has just finished in the scenic beauty of Hunza. The film's third spell will be shot in Lahore post Eid Ul Fitr.

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After winning widespread acclaim and a 'Lux Style Award' trophy for 'Best Emerging Talent - Fashion', Sadaf Kanwal will now be seen turning tables as she is set to debut into acting with the film. HIP got in touch with Sadaf Kanwal to know a bit about her role , and her big screen debut.

The model revealed that Balu Mahi had opened a new chapter in her life, and she wishes to make the most out of working with senior and experienced co-workers.

"My experience with Balu Mahi was quite different from whatever I have done so far. It is often said that models can't act, but I always wanted to act, and this film was a challenge for me to prove my mettle," Kanwal shared her motive behind signing the film.

While speaking about her experience of shooting in Hunza, she said, "While going to Hunza, I was a bit scared and apprehensive, but our director was so cooperative and efficient, and my co-actors were incredibly helpful and supportive. Everything gelled in and we ended up having a great shoot."

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Speaking about what the film has to offer, Sadaf hinted towards the plot and her character.

"The film is basically a coming of age comedy romance. Ainy Jaffri plays the role of Mahi, Osman Khalid Butt plays Balu, and I play the twist in the tale, Sharmeen. My character is very important in the plot since it takes a whole new turn after I enter" Sadaf explained.

Giving a bit of insight into her character, Kanwal further adeed: "Sharmeen is a young, glamorous girl who is always dolled up. I'm sure she will make you laugh out loud whenever she appears on screen."

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The model further commented that the audience, especially the younger one, will be able to relate with Balu Mahi.

"You can expect humour, romance and a youthful touch from Balu Mahi. Although its treatment is quite expansive, it's a relatable story, especially for the youth of Pakistan. And above all, it showcases the beauty of our country. It has mostly been shot outdoors and entirely in Pakistan." Speaking about the director, Sadaf Kanwal said, "Haissam is very professional, and he takes care of every tiny detail, and that will hopefully come across on the screen."

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The film's OST, that has been composed by Sahir Ali Bagga, will feature about six tracks in total; two tracks each will be pictured on Ainy Jaffri and Osman Khalid Butt, while Sadaf Kanwal will groove on one. The last track will be played during the end credits and would feature the entire star cast. The film is expected to release some time next year.