Varun Dhawan re-enacts Taher Shah & wants to visit Pakistan

The Indian actor was dressed as mankind's angel in a long purple gown and fairy wings.
Updated 23 Jul, 2016 05:57am

Following his first ‘hit’ single Eye to Eye - a song which really made us open our eyes and question what the world has come to - Taher Shah instantly became an internet sensation. He was ridiculed and laughed at while his video made rounds all over social media, but at the end of the day, there’s not a person who doesn’t know the name Taher Shah. And not just in Pakistan, across the border too; first it was Ranveer Singh who imitated him in an Instagram video and now, it’s Varun Dhawan.

On The Kapil Sharma Show, he re-enacted Taher’s performance as mankind’s ‘angel’ and left the audience in fits!

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The cast of Dishoom - John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez apart from Varun Dhawan - were on the show to promote their movie, and Varun took the stage to perform the hilarious act. He was dressed just like Taher in a long purple gown, fairy wings and long signature locks – talk about being utterly ‘angelic’! He can be seen singing along to the infamous tune as well so make sure you go watch the performance and have a blast…

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I want to visit Pakistan: Varun Dhawan

Dhawan, in a recent interview to The Indian Express, shared his desire to visit Pakistan and also spoke about his experience of meeting a Pakistan driver, who hailed from Islamabad, in Dubai.

“Hindi films are loved in Pakistan and he [the driver] told me that they watch all our movies and hoped that I would visit Pakistan someday," Varun said while recounting his experience with a Pakistani driver in Dubai. "I told him that I would definitely like to come. Just recently our Prime Minister too visited Pakistan. So if things become better one day, I would love to go and visit Pakistan."

Speaking further about his bond with the Pakistani driver, Dhawan said:

“For the 55 to 60 days that I was in Abu Dhabi, I was chilling with my driver there who was from Islamabad. He was 65-year-old and I formed a special bond with him. Whenever I used to ask him about both India and Pakistan, he used to say aisa koi masla nahi hai."

Apart from negating the tension between the neighbouring countries, the driver also acted as an effective guide and a Arabic tutor for the Indian actor.

"He used to say, ‘Aap bata do kidhar jaana hai. Aapko chicken khaana hai then let’s go here and he would take me to the best eateries. He would also pick music of Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan and Chitti Aayi Hai of Pankaj Udhas for me. I got lot of inspiration from him," Dhawan shared. "I had to speak Arabic in the film and I had a coach with whom I trained. But eventually I gave my lines to my driver and told him, ‘aap bolo kaise bolna hai’."

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Varun Dhawan, John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez are busy promoting their film, Dishoom, which might or might not release in Pakistan. Watch the trailer and let us know if the film is anti Pakistan.