Master of all trades: Mehwish Hayat talks Dillagi, Actor In Law & Coke Studio!

"Art is a tree and I'm just branching off to its various forms," says the actress.
Updated 11 Aug, 2016 04:31pm

If there is one Pakistani actress who is undoubtedly the most alluring and wanted face of showbiz, it's Mehwish Hayat . From playing a damsel-in-distress on our television screens, to her literally catty item song in the blockbuster film Na Maloom Afraad - this young gun is capable of carrying each of her role with just the right amount of aplomb and poise. After having proved her mettle as a powerful performer time and again, Hayat has no plans of slowing down and is looking into projects that are bigger and better!

While, the latest about the actress had all of us astounded, with an on-screen slap that she received from her friend-cum-co-star, Humayun Saeed in the hit ongoing serial Dillagi, her film Actor In Law's release is just around the corner! Not only that, but this zealous actress has now decided to venture into singing and will be making her big Coke Studio debut alongside Shiraz Uppal this season, after having sung several drama serials' OSTs.

Knowing all that Mehwish has on her plate this year, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this starlet-turned-superstar is definitely on a roll. And to know what makes her the most in-demand woman of the entertainment fraternity, HIP caught up with the ravishing young beauty to find out all that she has in store for us fans!

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HIP: Now that Anmol has been slapped, what can we expect from the forthcoming Dillagi episodes?

Mehwish Hayat: Well a lot is going to happen in the last four episodes. A lot of twists and turns await the audiences, and I'm sure everything will be very surprising and unpredictable. You can expect tons of drama, emotions, ups and downs and overall just a real engaging and intriguing roller coaster ride.

HIP: With women being slapped on television, what message do you think such serials convey; especially Dillagi to be precise.

MH: Well the thapar was never justified to the kind of character that Anmol is. The question now is, whether she demands anything or she wishes to forgive her. The coming episodes will also raise the issue of equality amongst daughter and daughter-in-laws. There will be a lot of conflict, mainly because my character is of an absolute extremist. But at the end of the day, the message that Dillagi carries is that love conquers all (smiles).

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HIP: How was your experience working with Humayun Saeed? How do you think you have learned from him as an actor?

MH: Working with Humayun has been phenomenal. I'm actually a fan of the way he always maintains his calm and is so accommodating when you work with him. We used to seriously go through all of our scenes, and rehearse together. He's also one of those co-stars, who help you give you best, instead of trying to steal the limelight. And I think that one is able to have the right balance, and the right chemistry that eventually is seen on-screen.

He creates a very warm and comfortable environment to work under. In fact, Humayun and the director, Nadeem Baig are both great friends of mine, and we have formed this trio of ours (laughs). I think we are very comparable, we share the same sort of sense of humour and have been able to built a great bond with each other over the passage of time. And I think when you work with such thorough professional, work becomes a lot more fun, especially in a serial like Dillagi - which was so intense.

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HIP: Tell us a bit about Actor In Law and how you can relate to the feisty journalist that you essay in the film?

MH: I can relate to the boldness that my character in Actor In Law has. She's very straight-forward, outspoken, she does what she believes in and is a very ambitious soul. She represents a minority of our nation, by which I mean a different caste. Interestingly, she also abuses a lot (laughs), but that will be justified since that's the kind of girl that she is and I'm sure that will keep the audience entertained.

It was a delight working with Fizza and Nabeel, they've treated me like a bacha. They pampered me and spoiled me, and I'm very happy with the way we were dealt. We were comfortable working with each other, and our understanding of thought was also quite similar. I think only then work can become a blessings for you. The gruelling shoot was incredibly tough, but I think from what I've seen, the result is exactly on point.

HIP: You didn't have the margin to perform to your fullest potential in your first two cinematic ventures. Why did you choose to play the eye-candy instead of a strong woman?

MH: Initially, I was testing the waters and getting to know the process that goes into making a proper movie. I am glad films are finally being made here, but we didn't have that many choices a few years ago and people wanted to make films that they knew would work. Jawani Phir Nahi Ani had a team, with which I had personally wanted to work with. When Nadeem offered me the part, I had complete faith in him. And even though it revolves around the boys, Vasay has created the right balance for the women as well and I feel proud to have been a part of that project.

I had a special appearance in Na Maloom Afraad but it was very challenging, and more experimental to be honest. But I wanted to change the image that had been created and that's when I was offered Actor In Law, that is all about these three lead characters. I took the risk and ended up working in the best productions out of the lot. I knew that women-centric films will eventually be made, Pakistan will see a movie like Mary Kom and I would love to do such films if such an offer comes my way.

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HIP: How does it feel to play the female protagonist in Actor In Law?

MH: Well I think I have great responsibility and pressure on my shoulders, however, I really appreciate the response that I have received. I think it feels gratifying to know that successful and acclaimed filmmakers are wanting to work with me, and I its all the hard work that is finally paying off. I think I've been blessed Mashallah.

HIP: What projects are you currently up to? Is Bollywood calling anytime soon?

MH: I have nothing against Bollywood, but I think if I am getting to work in quality productions here, I haven't yet felt the need or desire to cross the border. I have been offered quite a few films, but none of them clicked or the characters weren't prominent enough. It gives me great pleasure to say that I've got my hands full for now. I am not taking up anything since Fahad and I will have to promote Actor In Law nationwide. Apart from that, I am awaiting the release of my track for Coke Studio and am also looking into another film project.

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HIP: Speaking of which, how was your experience working with the brains behind Coke Studio and tell us a bit about your track.

MH: It has been magical. A dream come true. I had always wanted to be a part of Coke Studio, but never had I imagined in my wildest of dreams that they would approach me to sing this season. I think we are given only one life and if we have been gifted with a talent, we need to showcase it instead of holding back on to anything at all.

The song is an original romantic ballad; it's a duet between myself and Shiraz Uppal, who is also the composer of the track. It has been beautifully written, and has a lot of variation in its notes, so it was no piece of cake for me, but I'm glad all went well. In fact, Strings was all praises for me and I feel so honoured to have been a part of such a platform and to have been able to collaborate with such seasoned musicians.

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HIP: In which direction are you planning to take your career towards and how do you wish to keep up with both: acting and singing?

MH: We have all seen so many singers turning into actors, and I think I've done the opposite, nothing very unusual. I think the rhythm is what matters the most. I believe art is a tree and I'm just branching off to its various forms. I wish to keep exploring, I can't stay in my shell forever. I will, obviously, take my time with everything. I don't want to jump onto all that comes my way, but I do wish to continue both simultaneously.

I tend to take up one project at a time, whether it's a singing or an acting assignment, I want to focus onto it and perform my best. At the end of the day, I think it's all about taking continuous breaks and only doing a project that is registered and appreciated by my fans.