Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal will rekindle your patriotism
Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal will rekindle your patriotism

Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal will rekindle your patriotism

Any guesses why Shoaib Akhtar was present at the launch of SKZ?
Published Aug 16, 2016 07:16am

Independence Day might be thing of the past, but Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal's trailer rekindles the spirit of independence whenever you watch it. The latest trailer of Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal, a patriotic film with a serious message, launched over the weekend amidst a star-studded event. I used the word ‘latest’ because a trailer was launched earlier in 2013 as well.

The clearly over-whelmed producer of the movie, Dr Touseef Razzaque, and equally excited director, Umair Fazli, spoke animatedly about the movie in front of the huge gathering which mostly contained people from the media industry and some high profile celebrities like Shoaib Akhtar.

The movie's star cast includes Javaid Sheikh, Moammar Rana, Arbaaz Khan, Afzal Khan, Asad Malik, Kamran Mujahid, Sohail Sameer, Naved Rana, Shafqat Chema, Firdous Jamal , Amir Qureshi, Ahsan Najam, Easa, Salman, Saleem Albela & Nayyer Ijaz, Noor, Jia Ali, and new entrant Nimra Khan of Blind Love fame.

The cast of the movie was also present there except Noor, Javed Sheikh and Firdous Jamal. The media personnel had loads of questions for them which they responded well. Rachael Gill was the center of attention and was looking gorgeous.

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What is Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal

Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljalal is being termed one of the most expensive Pakistani movies to date, hence, it took the makers almost four years to present the ‘official trailer’ to the masses.

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Director Umair Fazli, while talking exclusively to HIP, said that the film narrates Pakistan's story; what our country was expected to be and what it is today. It covers the events from 1942 - when the struggle for Pakistan gained momentum -, 1947's painful partition, and finally it recalls the war of 1 965. SKZ highlights the sacrifices made during the partition and the war just to give us an independent nation.

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When did it all start?

Dr. Tauseef shared that it all started when he saw a series of dreams that compelled him to make a movie that effectively responds to the (outer world's) propaganda against Pakistan. According to him, it’s a high-spirited, patriotic effort dedicated to the heroes of our nation.

The highlight of SKZ's launch

#ShoaibAkhtar's arrival created a bit of a frenzy at #SayaeKhudayeZuljalal's launch! #SKZ

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Star cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar’s, arrival at the event created frenzy among the audience as people became visibly excited after seeing him at the event. But was an ex-cricketer doing at a film launch?

Well, it looks like Shoaib Akhtar has finally debuted n the big screen. A song in the film features Akhtar and that's why he came to show his support for the film. He was full of praises for the movie and the efforts of the makers.

Spotted #NaumanJaved at #SayaeKhudayeZuljalal's launch! #SKZ

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The trailer calls out to your inner patriot

The trailer has the usual emotional rhetoric which majority of Pakistanis strongly believe. It relays the painstaking nature of the journey of our independence and how we are failing miserably to sustain independence due to our negligence.

It also contains connections with history and today’s lifestyle. The common notion that police is corrupt and army is a savior is very much evident from the official trailer. I hope it will not spark any controversy.

As the cast of the movie is huge, it would be interesting to see if he has been successful in handling all the characters and running the parallel tracks - historic and modern day - intelligently.

A couple of songs were also presented and they were melodious and beautifully sung. Let’s hope that A.R. Productions & Jehan Films’ movie Saya-e-Khudaye Zuljal is not just another ‘war’ movie and actually manages to grab the audience's attention through its story and dialogues.