Music Review: ZKHH is the perfect mix of slow tunes and rock
Music Review: ZKHH is the perfect mix of slow tunes and rock

Music Review: ZKHH is the perfect mix of slow tunes and rock

For anyone who doesn't listen to slow songs, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay will be the game changer
Updated 18 Aug, 2016 03:19pm

Zindagi Kiti Haseen Hay is probably one of the most awaited Pakistani films releasing his year. From its trailer, which did quite well with the audiences, to the actors who are also quite fan-famous, the anticipation is quite overwhelming. With leading protagonists Sajjal Ali and Feroze Khan, the movie seems great but will the songs also capture the audience's attention? HIP reviews so you don't have to!

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai

This song is exceptionally beautiful. The slow acoustic music in the staring shows just how strong the vocals are. Sung by Adnan Dhool and Momina Mustehan, both singers do a great job and their beautiful voices really make an impact. The lyrics are also quite beautiful and heart touching as they are accompanied by the beat, which is kept light and soothing.

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Udaasiyaan (Rock Version)

The song has been sung by Mustafa Zahid and the singer did a great job with his strong vocals. While the beat in the starting of the song didn’t really seem original and, was similar to something that we all have probably heard before, everything else was on point. The electric guitar made it a perfect rock ballad. The guitar solo is what makes this an amazingly edgy pick that we're sure you would love too!

And if that isn't enough, you check it's newly released video here, which makes us enjoy the song tenfolds! So, check out the video and don't forget to hum along.

Udaasiyaan: (Sad version)

The slow version of the song is equally as beautiful but with a little less rock. The rock element is still there but for those who enjoy music with lighter beats, this is the one you surely need to keep in your playlist. BRB as we go and download it for our list.

Ali Ali

This folk song stays true to its cultural origin with a mix of modern day beats to make it the perfect combination of Sufi classical and pop. The vocals are pretty strong and the way in which the song has been sung by Farhan Shah is absolutely beautiful. If there is one song in the film which makes us believe the film happily sail its course, it's definitely this one.

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The song is sung by Bilal Saeed and Sana Zulfikar. At some points it’s good and other times, it’s not due to its confusing mix of beats. The lyrics seem a little silly, but nonetheless are creative. Both the singers did a great job with the vocals. Probably a song that can be danced to, but we would definitely say it is nothing to write home about.

Kitni Baar

This song was sung by the Indian singer Sukhwinder Singh and definitely has a Bollywood element to it. Something that has been heard in Indian songs before probably, the song is good but with all the other amazing songs, this doesn't seem to fit into the genre and theme that had been going on. Sounds more like a rebellious war song that would happen in a village scene!

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Tootiya Taara

The lyrics of the song are an absolute win! The captivating music and voice of the singer, Adnan Dhool is for sure to make this song top on the charts. A beautiful and exceptional song with a perfect blend of rock music hat also has that emotional feel to it. The song has slow acoustics alongside that rock element, that can be heard throughout the other songs.

The album really did a great job with the slow and rock songs. They definitely know what they're doing and the songs are definitely worth a listen. For someone who doesn't listen to slow songs, this album has done amazingly well with its genres, vocals and beautiful lyrics. If you still haven't heard the album, you can check it out here: