Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar's Yariaan is the most patriotic thing you'll see today!

It narrates the realities of the Pakistani Army on the battlefield and their pastimes.
Published 08 Sep, 2016 03:30pm

In a nation that seems to be obscured by the darkness that continues to ravage its wrath, the citizens look towards those who can become their saviours in the worst of times. Battling one societal evil to another, these are the brave men and women because of whom we can sleep peacefully at night. They are none other than the armed forces of Pakistan. And, like many of us, who owe a lot to them, it is singers Atif Aslam, and Ali Zafar, who have collaborated for the ISPR in a tribute song to the Pakistan Army titled ‘Yaarian’.

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Releasing their video on Pakistan’s 51st Defence Day, the video serves as the epitome of all that the army does to keep those it has vowed to protect in its bid to fight terror. Narrating the story of brave soldiers, who are brothers in arms, the music video provides an interesting juxtaposition of Aslam, and Zafar’s mellifluous vocals with a narrative that depicts the realities of their work on the battlefield and in their pastimes.

Enough to encapsulate the viewer in its fervent display of action, ‘Yaarian’ is the perfect example of a modern-day anthem thanks to the complimenting voices of the singers, which pays the perfect homage to the forces, whilst making sure one sees the army in its purest positive essence. Of course, one would only expect such neat work to go out by the ISPR.

If you still haven’t seen the music video yet, do yourself a favour and enjoy the amazing project done by two of Pakistan’s best voices, and Pakistan’s mesmerising army.