Mawra Hocane to be the lead in HUM TV's Sammi
Mawra Hocane to be the lead in HUM TV's Sammi

Mawra Hocane to be the lead in HUM TV's Sammi

The actress would be playing the titular role in the drama in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University
Published Oct 03, 2016 07:00pm

In a time when social media has turned into our very own turf war in the whole India-Pakistani fiasco, there are those who are the ambassadors of peace thanks to their work in both nations. One such example is none other than the vivacious Pakistani actress, Mawra Hocane. Whether it has been her girl-next-door role with Sanam Teri Kasam, which made her Bollywood royalty, or her stints in Pakistan, she is one diva you learn to love like no one else. Now, proving once again that no rumour against her can push her back, Hocane is all set to start her upcoming drama with HUM TV.

Playing the titular role in a drama named Sammi, which would air on HUM, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, Hocane would be portraying the lead, in a social issue-based project, according to her publicist.

While it seems that the younger Hocane sister seems to be following the steps of Urwa Hocane’s successful stint with Udaari, which made her into an even bigger household name, the Indian media is leaving no stones unturned in tarnishing the diva’s ever-growing popularity by spreading baseless rumours.

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However, with all the things going the Mawra way, we all know that this Hocane sister is going only one way, and that is up to bigger and better things, and Sammi surely seems to be the one to wait for!