Five most bizarre moments from PLBW 16

From the constant glares to the loveable selfies, HIP rounds up all that was confusing at the PFDC L'Oréal Bridal Week
Updated 07 Oct, 2016 04:32am

Shining lights, the constant chattering of social butterflies in their gowns, the unnervingly staunch eye of the bouncers, and the numerous pseudo-celebrities trying to make it to the front row. If these are all things you crave for, then welcome to PFDC L’Oréal Bridal Week. In this realm of high-end couture, drama and glamour, you either exist as the fashionista that flutters at each compliment, or you’re the unmentionable; the one who really doesn’t fit in the front row AKA ‘frow’ crowd and is met with countless snake-eyed glares. Interestingly enough, these and many such bizarre moments often don't make it to the mainstream. After a rather overwhelming first-hand experience, HIP brings you the top five bizarre moments from PLBW16 that make it all the more memorable.

The Quasi-Celebs

If there is one thing that is even easier to spot than the plethora of fake Louboutins and gaudy Manolo rip-offs, it’s the number of people who turn into instant celebrities at such events. Whether it was the swarm of photographers taking pictures of girls in the keenest of poses or the men whose tuxedoes seemed on-point, one question kept popping up: who exactly are they? Sadly nobody knows the answer.

Amina Naeem’s ‘Bourgeois Mistress de Haute Naissance’ & Sonia Azhar’s Hypnotism

While Amina Naeem's collection, whose name was enough to pique our interest, quickly turned into a pink eyesore of prom dresses, by apparently taking its inspiration from the juxtaposition of an 18th century mistress Madame Pompadour and Madonna, the capsule was enough to keep us away from ever wanting to see baby pinks and deep reds ever again. From the gaudy tiara worn by showstopper Fouzia Aman – who for some reason turned into an experimental guinea pig for the designers, to the over-the-top outfits, this was one collection gone horribly bizarre.

The color combination in on point 😍🔥#SoniaAzhar #PLBW2016 #day3

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However, to top that in the worst designs came Sonia Azhar's 'Hypnotism'. On a day when the showcases are supposed to be the best that the fashion week has to offer, the audience was bestowed the wrath of gaudiness like no other. The collection, which honestly matched the likeness of all the prom and Quineñcera dresses ever seen on television, Azhar’s attempt to return to PLBW with her pink and white frilly mess made us realise we could have survived without seeing this, as we were for the previous two days.

Front-row Madness

While we all know that front row mania is nothing new in the world of fashion, PLBW 16 gave us the newest shades in the colour of envy. Whether it was the third-row/second-row hierarchy, or those on the front-row gleaming with joy on apparently being ‘the chosen ones’, the whole concept of creating a socialite pyramid left us wondering what was so special about being in the front row! Well, the answer is a lot of more freebies and a lot of hate from those in the back seats.

Giveaway Stampedes

If the fight to get into the main arena wasn’t enough of a challenge on its own, with people constantly pushing you to the ground, the greed of giveaways caught even those who one would never expect this out of. Whether it was the salted caramel beignet that people couldn’t get enough of, or freebies from Qmobile, people left no stone unturned in letting us know they are here for gifts and they will get it, even if it means standing on chairs. #Langar anyone?

Selfie Galore

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Remember the good ol’ time when selfies didn’t take over our lives? We don’t either. There were all kinds of self-loving, selfie obsessed creature - from celebs obsessed with their own narcissism to those who just wanted to give their best at PLBW (Including, yours truly). Not to forget how the ever-growing selfie trend marred all that the designers worked on, starting from backstage right up to the runway. After all, it’s all about you.