What if Pakistan welcomes another global cinema?

Great stories, amazing direction and intense acting make modern South Korean movies a must watch, but do we want to?
Published 21 Oct, 2016 01:06am

The Pakistani film industry as we all know produces a limited amount of films every year - ten on average. So is that really enough to keep the cinema business going? We think not! The ban on Indian films has caused trouble for the cinema owners and their businesses. So is there a solution?

One page that goes by the name of Kalmanac has found a solution we think we can pretty much work with. Well, since we do not have Indian films to obsess over, why not give South Korean films a try? I know I know..who understands the language? But we can totally make do with subtitled films, right?

I believe dubbing the films would be better if we really want everyone really involved in the film but Kalmanac has a point when he says that it ruins the overall quality of the film. "Great stories, meticulously amazing direction and intense acting make modern South Korean movies a MUST WATCH. After watching South Korean films like I Saw The Devil, The Chaser, The Wailing, Old Boy and A Train to Busan and Always, I'm forced to think why we've been drooling over substandard shitty Bollywood movies with copied script when there are other film industries doing genuine work," he wrote.

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So can Korean films really make the cut in Pakistan, and that too without dubbing? Indian films are are light hearted and do not really force one to think if we talk about rom-coms. So Korean films with intense story lines and messages might not be something the masses would like to watch. Will cinema owners really be able to make enough profit with them? We doubt it! Especially subtitled films. If they were maybe dubbed and promoted on television than higher profits can possibly be expected.