Mangoes Season 2 Episode 5 review: The Date

Mangoes is almost near it's season 2 end and much hasn't happened yet!
Published 01 Nov, 2016 02:00am

We are almost towards the end of the season of Mangoes and while it has kept us thoroughly entertained, the show lacks a substantial storyline. This episode highlights Asha's dislike for boys and the problems she faces with them; maybe it's a little too extreme but it's justified. Asha faces problems with the nosy neighbour's son Shobi who tries to harass and scare her. Although Asha proved strong during that time, Sami eventually had to come in between. She probably could have handled it all by herself and the chemistry the writers were trying to create between the two just didn't really work.

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Asha is also 'forcefully invited' to go on a date with Justin from her study group who she believes is 'typical boy material'. Asha was definitely right to call out the guy! Although she may seem a bit paranoid for being rude on the date, she was definitely right about the guy from the start.

Forcefully inviting girls to dates and then accepting them to be happy about it was definitely 'typical boy material'. Asha is a strong woman who doesn't fall for traps like these although hating all men is a little far fetched but we understand her dilemma and so does Sami!

Asha and Sami have been kind of close. She shares her problems with him and he's always there to support her - but a romance? We don't really see that happening! The chemistry between them seems kind of forced.

Rakkay on the other hand is still failing at possibly everything. Studies, girls, money! He just doesn't seem to be doing too good but that doesn't at all come in between his attitude.

All in all, the show is about to come to an end and the story still hasn't moved forward. No doubt it is entertaining but a story is what this season needs.