ARY Digital's Bay Khudi is not what you think it is
ARY Digital's Bay Khudi is not what you think it is

ARY Digital's Bay Khudi is not what you think it is

It may come across as yet another hackneyed love story at first glance, but trust us, it isn't!

Published Nov 15, 2016 11:42pm

Once upon a time there were two cousins, Saad and Fiza. The girl grows up thinking of Sid AKA Saad as her best friend and brother, however, he doesn't share her feelings. So, like all Pakistani families, when their family decides to marry the two off, he is the one least bothered by the proposal. While on the other hand, Fiza fails to accept her family's decision. The cousins turned husband and wife go on a honeymoon and after throwing a few tantrums, the girl decides to fall in love with the guy. Because that's what technically happens in all Pakistani dramas, right? Well, this is exactly what we thought was going to happen in Bay Khudi when we saw the first teaser, but the trailer tells a different story altogether.

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Fiza (Sara Khan) is seen falling in love with another character, and not just that, the scenes where she's crying hysterically tell us that something untoward happens in her life. We have a hunch what happens, changes the course of things.

Have a look at the trailer:

Saad (Noor Hassan) will play a major role in the tragedy (that shakes Fizza to the core), because in the trailer we spot him on the prayer mat with tears in his eyes. Also, the director, Abis Raza, shared exclusive tidbits about the show with HIP earlier this year.

"Most of my serials deal with human nature, and Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai [the working title of Bay Khudi] revolves around something similar to it as well. It centers around a guy (Noor Hasan) who has sexually abused a woman (Sara Khan), and while he regrets his actions and wants to forget all about it, the consequence is not what he had thought of," the director told HIP in an earlier interview. "So it's about how nothing is ignored and everybody gets a taste of their own medicine ultimately."

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Hassan shares great on-screen chemistry with the Indian actress and we would watch the first episode for their chemistry, if not anything else. But if his character does sexually assault Khan's character then we wouldn't want the girl to forgive him. Ever.

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In addition to Sara Khan and Noor Hassan, the show stars Laila Zuberi (Sabira), Fazila Qazi (Rukhsana), Hajra (Faiza), Fahad Ahmad (Farooq), Faisal Naqvi (Junaid), Zainab Jameel (Nazia), Arsalan Faisal (Ashar), Shazia Faisal (Shazia), Bilal Abbas (Arsam), Rahma Saleem (Wania) and Komal Aziz (Mariyam).

Here's another sneak peek into Fizza's character:

This teaser shows us that Fizza is sexually assaulted and that too by someone who knew her and her family. This only validates what the director shared with us.

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Bay Khudi looked like a simple love story when we first visited the sets, but the teasers and trailers tell a different, and more interesting story. The Six Sigma Plus and Next Level production will go on air on November 17th at 9pm on ARY Digital.