Want to tantalize your taste buds? Head over to Awesamosas ASAP

Located in Lahore, this tiny eatery has proved there is more to a samosa then just aloo
Updated 24 Nov, 2016 03:07pm

Samosa's, being a part of our food culture, are loved by all, old or young. Yes, we have grown up devouring the fried delight and we love to try out any variaton of it. Hence, we were over the moon when we heard the duo Daniyal Noorani and Seemi Sani had decided to pick up this specialty and re-introduce it with a new twist and unimaginable flavors; all wrapped in a little triangle!

Having tasted their samosas at a stall during the Lahore Eat Festival some time back, we instantly became fans but had no clue where to find them again. So when we heard the good news that they had opened a cozy little place besides CSD in Cavalry ground, we immediately gathered whoever was available and headed towards Awesamosas to indulge ourselves in some munching.

Look at how cute our shop is looking!! Pop by for some iftaar samosas

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Awesamosa is quite easy to find and the outlet is pretty central, which makes it accessible to all. As soon as you set your eyes on the place you can’t help but fall in love with the cozy little space which has a café like touch to it. The place is not big but it can accommodate around 10 to 15 people easily at one time. Also, if you are in the mood for some chit chat with a pal, this would be the ideal spot to chat while you feast on the scrumptious samosas, while sipping on to some Karrak chai.


The interior of Awesamosa is simple yet tasteful. The wooden benches and long tables give it a very casual look where you can sit easily and enjoy your meal. As soon as you enter your eye travels to the black boards hanging right in front, which has the menu written in colorful chalks. One thing which we really liked was that the kitchen is open so you can see how each samosa is fried and prepared.

There's something new at Awesamosas, can you spot it?

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Where the interior was simple, the menu is not, and you will need someone to guide you a bit so you end up ordering enough for everyone. The menu itself, consists of a variety that amazes you as they have three savory and three sweet flavours. The list includes Dam ka Qeema, Caramelized Onion, Pizza, Apple Pie, Chocolate Smores and Reeses and many more. You can either enjoy them as it is or order in a bowl with all the delicious toppings. We wanted to try everything but at the same time, we did not want to over stuff ourselves. Hence, we decided to order what appealed to us. Here's a look into how each delicious samosa tasted:

#Awesamosas is heaven for all those samosa lovers who want to try something new to tantalise their taste buds.

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Time to dig in

Butter chicken bowl

The butter chicken bowl at #Awesamosas was a meal in itself and left us wanting more.

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We love butter chicken, and to have it mixed in a samosa was a whole new experience for our taste buds as with each bite the flavors just seemed to burst in our mouth. It was spicy mixed with big chunks of chicken, served beautifully in a silver plate. The samosas had butter chicken inside, whereas the outside was smoldered in vegetables and butter chicken sauce. Served piping hot, this really is a complete meal and quite satisfying if you love food covered in heavy cream.

Dam Ka Qeema

As the name suggests this is purely for meat lovers! Wrapped in generous amount of mince (good quality one) mixed with spices served on a plate, the samosa is unforgettable. The different spices used add a lot of flavor which becomes evident in the first bite. Fried to perfection with the mince cooked perfectly, this became our favorite and we will be going back for this one very soon.

The Smoked Chicken Burger

Yes, guys you read it right Awesamosa also has a burger which has a samosa inside. Initially we were quite hesitant about trying it out, but one bite down and we were hooked so we ordered another one! The crunchy samosa blends perfectly with the lettuce and cheese and further enhances the smoked chicken which gives the taste of having been cooked with a coal. The burger is big and juicy and worth the money we paid.

Pizza Samosa

Imagine having all the ingredients of a pizza filling stuffed inside a tiny triangle #Awesamosas in #Lahore .

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To be honest with you, we only tried this because we were curious to know how a samosa would taste with pizza filling. The result was surprisingly amazing as this has loads of flavors in the form of tiny olives and sausages packed within the triangular delight.

Apple Pie Samosa / Awesamosa A La Mode**


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This was our second favorite thing at the place, the sweet taste of the apple filling, mixed with the saltish crust of the samosa, is a wonderful blend of sweet and salty .Whoever experimented with this has come up with a very unique concept and has carried it off well. In case you are thinking this will be too heavy to digest let us tell you that it is not, since the size of the samosas is reasonable. You can also enjoy it with two scoops of ice cream and top it up with either butter scotch or mocha sauce ( we chose butter scotch) if you are in the mood to go a bit wild and explore.


August is like the Sunday of summer, so why not kick back with piping hot chai and some Awesamosas? ✌

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This is the best tea we have ever tasted. Served in a glass with an elegant kettle, the strong and tasty tea relaxes you completely. If you don’t enjoy a strong cup of tea then you can also order the cardamom one or the special south Indian coffee.


Where some might find paying Rs 250 to Rs 850 a bit too much for 3, 6 or even 12 small samosas, let us tell you it is worth it! The ingredients used are of very good quality which makes every bite worth this amount.

Will we go back again?

Most definitely! And this time we will take more friends so we can also try their Chocolate Smore with ice cream and mocha sauce. Even the thought of it just makes us drool! If you are looking for a place to relax or even to just stop over for a quick snack, check out Awesamosa in Lahore. Happy eating!