Sarwat Gilani talks about Seeta Bagri

“These minorities are our friends and they have been a huge part of our lives,” stated Sarwat Gillani
Published 05 Dec, 2016 05:20pm

Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani has been seen playing several powerful characters on screen. And nowadays, she has become the focus of the drama serial ‘Seeta bagri’– a story based on the Hindu Pakistani community.

The upcoming drama produced by Adnan Sidiqui, focuses on minorities and is a first of its kind. In an interview with BBC, Sarwat stated, “These minorities are our friends and they have been a huge part of our lives.”

The drama is directed by Iqbal Hussain, who has worked for the news for a long time, thus, has experienced how things have changed within the continent over time. He wanted to bring forth the views of the minorities to the fore front and also how they love Pakistan as much as any other person residing in the country.

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Sarwat further explained why she was motivated to do the role of Seeta:

“Seeta is a girl who thinks about other females too, and wants to spread knowledge and awareness. It's rare nowadays when people want to make a difference."

Watch Seeta Bagri drama serial on TV1 every Thursday 8:00 pm.

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The story revolves around three individuals and the serial is a love triangle. The political side of the Indo-Pak conflict has not been highlighted because there is already so much negativity surrounding the topic.