First song teaser of 'Shukriya' from the movie Jackpot is a visual treat

The song featuring Noor Hassan and Sanam Chaudhry is shot in an exotic location to give a glimpse of paradise.
Published 01 Jan, 2017 09:02pm

The wait is over as the first song teaser of 'Shukriya' from the movie Jackpot starring Noor Hassan and Sanam Chaudhry was finally released as a new year gift. Amanat Ali Khan and Beena Khan have lent their voices for the beautiful composition that has been shot in a beautiful location to show what heaven on earth looks like.

Jackpot is a musical-comedy, which completed its first spell in Thailand and is the first Pakistani movie to be shot on the James Bond Island.

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Have a look at the song teaser of 'Shukriya' and experience the beauty of nature that is a total treat to watch:

The picturization is so beautiful that it makes you want to go 'shukriya shukriya aye khuda' for filling the world with so much beauty that we do not normally appreciate. The landscapes are breathtaking and guaranteed to give you wanderlust.

And now that we've mentioned how much in love with the location we really are, we'll come back to reviewing the song itself.

Noor and Sanam are friends and the comfort reflects well in their onscreen chemistry; she looks ravishing in red while he looks dapper in a suit. The song is also soft and soothing, fitting well with the whole romantic feel.

Long story short, we feel the movie has amazing potential and we have great expectations after watching the teaser. Jackpot is expected to release this year and we cannot wait!