"I wasn’t a patient; I was a happy pregnant woman," Sanam Jung

The diva talked to HIP about her experience before and after pregnancy, upcoming projects, rumours and much more.
Updated 07 Jan, 2017 07:22pm

Sanam Jung is the girl who kick started her career by being a VJ on Play TV, later transitioned into an extremely talented actor and then a successful and vibrant morning show host. The actor-turned-host has done it all, yes, all! Because she is the same woman who shunned all stereotypes attached to pregnant women by hosting a morning show throughout her pregnancy.

The vibrant yet versatile star gave birth to a baby girl on the 12th of November, 2016. Amidst congratulations and fake news doing the rounds, the internet went a little wild by posting not so credible news about her. Hence, HIP got into touch with the new mother to know what she herself has to say.

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It was rumoured almost everywhere that Sanam is going to be one of the actresses in Bilal Lashari’s next film, Maula Jatt 2 featuring Fawad Khan. However, she denied all such claims,

“I am not doing any movie. I am certainly not a part of Maula Jatt. People are writing lies.”

However, she reassured us that she is definitely coming back for her morning show that will be starting soon.

Coming towards the topic of her pregnancy and how remarkably she showed her strength and talent by not disappearing from the screen during her pregnancy, Sanam had to say,

“I was really surprised at the strange and negative comments because I wasn’t a patient; I was a happy pregnant woman.”

We certainly love Sanam’s attitude and how it reinforces that pregnancy is not a hindrance to a woman’s career like society wants it to be. We are sure that Sanam has set an example for other pregnant women too, in order for them to not let society attach stigma to something as natural as pregnancy.

“I enjoyed my pregnancy because I remained active through it all, which even made child birth easier for me,” added Sanam.

It is in fact, true that the more a woman remains active during her pregnancy, the more childbirth becomes easier.

Sanam also shared some heart-warming details of how motherhood has treated her so far,

“I am up all night and day. It is a 24/7 job. I am home all day long and just take care of the baby,” said Sanam with a content laugh.

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Sanam also made it clear that all the pictures surfacing on the internet with captions claiming them as her baby are fake.

“All the photos which are being circulated on the internet are fake. That is not my baby and I haven’t revealed any photo yet. When I will, it will be on my official Instagram account.”

We already know that So Baby has done her baby's shoot and we can’t wait for the shoot to be revealed so we can fall in love with her adorable little baby girl too.

All in all, Sanam’s account of her pregnancy and motherhood is not just heart-warming but also an example for other pregnant women to follow. It is high time we let go of the stigma attached to pregnancy and pregnant women. We need to realise pregnancy is actually not an illness like Sanam said but a natural and beautiful stage of a woman’s life.

More power to Sanam!