Mehwish Hayat looks super hot as a superhero in the latest TVC

Do we want to see her in an action movie? Oh, yes we do!

What we thought was an action movie turned out to be a power packed advertisement. UC Browser is launching in Pakistan and the campaign features Mehwish Hayat in a superhero avatar. The diva looks super hot and totally slays it. And do we want do see her in a superhero movie? Well, yeah we definitely do!

Is Mehwish Hayat gearing up for an action movie?

Nabeel Qureshi is known to give us super hit movies, so when the BTS shots and teaser released of the commercial, our excitement reached to a whole new level.

Watch the teaser below:

Mehwish has the perfect moves to match the speed and skill of a superhero and this was well projected in the TVC. Nabeel too has proven through this teaser that he has the potential and talent to direct a full-fledged action movie.

Have a look at Mehwish Hayat set the screen on fire with her unmatchable speed and spark:

The commercial is a visual treat and a tempting tease for all who love action. Mehwish makes a strong and spectacular superwoman kicking and punching like a pro.

Don't ever mess with a girl who is more macho than any man. Wow, do we love this girl or what!