Everything you need to know about the movie, Parwaaz Hay Junoon.

The shooting of the movie, which is a tribute to the Pakistan Air Force, has begun.
Updated 12 Jan, 2017 07:51pm

Pakistani filmmakers and their storylines keep on getting better and better with every new film and now, Momina & Duraid Films and Haseeb Hassan's film directorial debut is all set for Parwaaz Hay Junoon, which will be a tribute to the Pakistan Air Force.

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We are sure that the movie is going to be fantastic with such talented people on board hence, HIP brings you a list of everything you need to know about the film.

Hania Aamir in a new Avatar


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Yes, you heard that right. The young and vibrant actress from Janaan will be seen in this movie too. We are certain that she is going to impress us because she keeps on getting better and better with every new role. And now, she'll be in a movie with such serious content so we are curious to find out how she pulls it off.

It will bring out the inner patriot in you

Well, duh! The movie is a tribute to Pakistan Air Force hence, we are sure that it will be delivered in such a way that the depiction of Air Force will move you and will revive the inner patriot in you. And next thing you know, you are humming to the Pakistan National Anthem to yourself.

Hamza Ali Abbasi in a lead role

We believe nobody is better than Hamza to be cast in this movie as he is, in reality, such a politically and socially vocal person and an obvious patriot, therefore, he would do great justice to his role.

Haseeb Hassan's film directorial debut

The man behind extremely successful dramas like Mann Mayal and Dayar-e-Dil will finally be directing a film and we can't wait to find out if he handles the silver screen as well as he handles the TV screen.

Farhat Ishtiaq has written the script

Come on, now, seriously, it really can't get any better than this. The woman who broke stereotypes by writing a story like Udaari and who has also impressed us with drama scripts like Humsafar and Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu is also the script writer for this movie. We can only imagine the good content and the dialogues which will come forward.

All in all, the highlights of the movie seem great and promise a star-studded treat along with great content.