Hania Amir steals the show in Titli

Hania's acting has given life to the drama and we are sure no other actress would have done justice to the role
Published 26 Jan, 2017 08:24pm

The play Titli is one that offers a different perspective on life and we love it's interesting story line. Where we have seen men talk about the kind of girl they want to marry, here comes a drama by Urdu 1 which shows a young girl Naila (Hania Amir), who wants to marry a particular kind of man whose looks are far more important than his personality. And with only one episode down so far, the play already has our attention.

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Written by Seema Aijaz , the story is about Naila, who thinks very highly of herself and wants a man who is always praising her beauty. Her parents Saba Faisal and Naeem Tahir adore her to bits and have pampered her a lot.

With Naila and her family, lives her cousin Zamee, and we soon find out that Zamee and Naila have feelings for each other. But only time will tell if the poor boy can handle her nakhras.

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On the other side, we have a very rich but down to earth family comprising of Seema Pasha and Abid Ali who have two sons. One of the sons is Ahmed (Ali Abbas), who is intelligent and a good businessman. However, he lacks confidence and is quite shy. Wanting to get him married, his mother sees Naila's picture and decides she is perfect for her son.

But as we said before, Ahmed is not at all sure of himself and feels he’s not ready to get married. Ignoring his views, his family heads off to Naila's house. Naila of course, refuses the proposal since she feels Ahmed is not of her level. Who will end up with who in Titli? Well, we will just have to keep on watching the serial to find out.

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Hania Amir is a delight to watch as Naila, as her acting is effortless and we feel no other actress could have performed this well. Ali Abbas is one of those rare and exceptional finds which our industry has, and it will be nice seeing him deal with Ahmed's insecurities.

We will definitely be tuning into Urdu 1 every Friday at 8 pm to see whether Naila accepts Ahmed with all her heart or not .