Anoushey Ashraf becomes Ambassador of WWF Pakistan

The bubbly Anoushey is all set to save the animals and we couldn't be more proud!
Updated 11 Feb, 2017 01:57pm

Admit it, animals in Pakistan hardly have any rights, protection, or health care. The strays are ill treated and eventually terminated by the government, or many of them simply roam the streets fending for food for the rest of their lives. Hence, it is of utmost importance that organisations and celebrities of Pakistan push forth the idea of animal rights in order to urge the future generation to be gentler towards our furry friends.

One such celebrity who recently joined the race to protect animal rights is Anoushey Ashraf. The starlet announced of her becoming the Ambassador for WWF Pakistan on Instagram, and we think we fell in love with her just a little bit more.

In the video, she stated, "I can use this WWF platform for animals and our environment. It was my childhood dream to save the animals, plants and environment in Pakistan and it's finally happening."

The excited Anoushey then enters the WWF head office situated in Lahore, where she signs the papers for the WWF Goodwill Ambassador Pakistan.

However, this isn't the first time the gorgeous lady has taken on Instagram to express her love towards animals. Anoushey Ashraf has always felt strongly about animal rights and has been vocal about how important it is protect their well-being.

Just a few days back she had posted about the positive step Turkey was taking to protect animals when the Directorate of religious affairs issued a statement that there is no difference between animals and humans in terms of the affection they deserve.

Here's what she had to say in the post, "Unfortunately in our part of the world most humans are treated like animals. But certain countries and their religious clerics show us the way to humanity."

However, Anoushey practices what she preaches and she has tried her level best to help the stray animals in Pakistan.

Here's the time she took in a gorgeous black cat saying, "Black cats don't bring bad luck. Martin has brought us luck, love, attitude and joy!"

And then there was the time she visited the ACF Animal Rescue Foundation. This is what she had to say about the adorable four legged friends of hers: "Sitting here with champion, the friendliest one eyed dog in the world!"

Anoushey also took on Instagram to express her grief over how misunderstood the concept of keeping dogs in our country is.

Keeping of a dog has created much debate in my family, like any other family. My mom wasn't too excited, my dad was supportive. I was confused but I embarked upon my own journey and understanding of the matter. I love dogs and all other animals. I can't explain the pain, sadness and tears that overwhelm me when I see a dog, cat, donkey or even cows in pain. Many known scholars say it's okay, a few say it isn't.... But everyone asks us to respect them. Love Professor Ghamidi's take on the matter. But this isn't for anyone to write long lectures about how it's wrong or right to keep certain pets so please don't take it that way and write long lectures below! To each his own, respect for all (unless they are downright murderers or rapists or something) Either way, there is NO place in religion to neglect, disrespect and beat an animal. They deserve utmost respect for being beautiful creatures of the world. Pakistan needs severe empathy towards its animals. We feel there is too much human suffering to care about animals rights but I really plan on working towards this cause eventually, whole heartedly. They are voiceless, helpless and harmless. Let's not feel disgusted when we see a poor dog wagging its tail looking for food, let's not get our kids scared of playing with horses and cats in our attempt to protect them and let's not encourage killing the chicken we eat in front of our eyes, ruthlessly while they spend their short existence in tiny over-crowded cages. We could help them by being gentle and make sure their death is quick and swift, and they don't feel an ounce of pain...specially for animals that get sacrificed for Eid. Please think about this. PLEASE. Meanwhile, my pets have brought be the greatest joy of my life and have taught me the true meaning of loyalty, companionship and love! #animalsofinstagram #petstagram

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Yes, Anoushey Ashraf loves animals and we are proud of her for spreading awareness on animal rights. We are eager to see the difference Anoushey will make to the lives of animals and we urge everyone to send in their support in any way they can. Till then, let's take a look at Anoushey's bundle of joy.