FPW17 Spring/Summer Day 1: Tena Durrani and FNKASIA steal the show!

Lights, cameras, fashion! Here's all that happened at day 1 of the FPW 17
Published 23 Feb, 2017 05:59pm

Amidst the ongoing terror threats and devastation, here rises from within the ashes our glorious fashion industry and its exemplary efforts in sustaining itself year after year. This year too, the fashion industry has managed to bring to us an array of designers, and a two-day spectacle of flamboyance and panache with the Fashion Pakistan Week Spring/Summer 2017. Yes, FPW is back and it's back with a bang as the Fashion Pakistan Council board members have gone all out in selecting a line-up that will leave the audience awestruck.

Betwixt a lot of mismanagement at the part of the organizers, and a lot of pushing, shoving and screaming from the ushers, the fashionistas, journalists and socialites survived the glamorous night which entailed fashion like never seen before. Day 1 took off with a host of exciting designers, and here are those who impressed.

Ayesha Farook

The sassy collection by #ayeshafarook #fpw17 #hipinpakistan #day1

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Ayesha Farooq Hashwani opened the show with her impressive collection that was a modern version of the 70's era. The fashion presentation included printed flared pants of silk and chiffon, and funky prints with slight embellishments.

The essence of the collection was in the innovative cuts and silhouettes incorporated within each outfit, and the drapery inspired finish of each ensemble. Ayesha also experimented with shades like beige, brown, maroon, blue and the collection also included some eye-catching bright coloured pants.

Nauman Arfeen

The sleek and stylish collection by #naumanarfeen #day1 #fpw17

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Sticking to the classic shades white and black, the assortment titled 'Wild Wild West' by Nauman Arfeen was sleek and sexy. The collection included Eastern as well as Western outfits, all edging towards a ritzy finish.

Even though the fashion compilation wasn't anything out of the box, it was the kind of attire that would appeal to the masses and can easily be adorned at numerous occasions. Aiman Khan walked the ramp for the designer, wearing a glittering black cold shoulder dress, with none other than Muneeb Butt by her side.


#fnkasia leaves the crowd in awe #fpw17 #day1 #hipinpakistan

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This collection literally left us in awe as FNKASIA had almost everything to offer to everyone. The assortment varied from uber chic pants paired with funky blouses, to exquisite flowery gowns, and from vibrant skirts to embellished Shaadi season attire.

What struck us the most was the detailed embroidery work in some outfits, whereas the prints and colours in other ensembles were just mesmerising. Sarish Khan was the showstopper for the collection and she looked just so dainty in the magnificent gown, which was paired off with a floral headpiece.

Arsalan Iqbal

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The designer is known for creating unique designs for men and what we adore about him the most is his ability to create attire that is contemporary, yet subtle enough to be sported by men who want to stay in vogue. This time round, Arsalan Iqbal played with patterned jackets and we just love the chic wardrobe he managed to fabricate. The handsome Shahzad Noor walked the ramp for this one!

Bank Alfalah Rising Talent

Nadia hussain in a fairy tale gown by #toobachottani #fpw17 #hipinpakistan #happeningnow

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This particular segment was an overload of fashion with four designers showcasing their collections. The rising talent featured names like Tooba Chottani, Areej Iqbal, Fatima Abdul Rauf and Zafar Ahsan Naqvi; all bringing something new to the table.

However, our favourite from among all was the enchanting assortment by Tooba Chottani. Comprising of attire that seemed right out of a fairytale, Tooba wooed the audience with digital prints, capes and beautiful gowns.

Zaheer Abbas

Team #mehrunisawelubyou for #zaheerabbas #hipinpakistan #fpw17

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The designer always has something out of the box up his sleeve and his collection is one that many fashionistas look forward to viewing. However, this time round, all the designer had to offer were a few outfits worn by the cast of Mehrunisa We Lub You. Nida Yasir and Sana Javed walked the ramp adorning sophisticated chiffon sari's, whereas Danish Taimoor, Javed Sheikh and Yasir Nawaz looked elegant in their eastern attire.

Humayun Alamgir

#imranabbas and #muneebbutt walk the ramp for #humayunalamgir #fpw17

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A favourite of all fashionably au courant men, Humayun Alamgir dazzled the crowd with the presentation of his unorthodox Eastern and Western wear. The collection comprised jackets with gold embroidery and debonair suits perfect for a fancy occasion. The outfit that blew us away the most was the snazzy black tux Imran Abbas sported as he strutted down the ramp for the designer.

Nida Azwer

#nidaazwer impresses with her experimental collection #fpw17 #hipinpakistan #happeningnow

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Nida Azwer's unconventional and funky collection was all about colours, cuts and flair. The designer's attention to detail was quite evident in each outfit that was embellished with intricate patterns, in effect creating a panache assortment.

Keeping the spring/summer season in mind Azwer also played with numerous colour combinations such as black and orange, blue and brown, magenta and sky blue, as well as other vivacious blends.

Tena Durrani

#sairashahroz walks the ramp for #tenadurrani #fpw17

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Hands down the best collection of the night, Tena Durrani left the crowd cheering and wanting more! The designer is known for her innovative cuts, silhouettes and patterns and Tena Durrani definitely stayed true to her reputation by bringing out her best at the FPW 17.

Playing with floral pattern and embellishments, the designer created an ethereal assortment which is Haute as well as exclusive. The collection experimented with subtle hues like mint green, peach, beige and white, and we just couldn't get over how glamorous all the models looked. The show stopper for Tena Durrani was the stunning Saira Shahroz, whose presence was a cherry on top!