Khan Drama Review: Secrets are finally coming out!
Khan Drama Review: Secrets are finally coming out!

Khan Drama Review: Secrets are finally coming out!

Khan is not as he seems. The man has secrets of his own that even his beloved family doesn't know about.
Published 13 Mar, 2017 10:23pm

Secrets are finally unfolding in the drama and we now know how Khan is as a real person.

We see Neelum is suspicious because of the police officer’s phone call. She questions her mom regarding her aunt’s husband as well, and wants to confirm if it was an accident as well. Khan and his men have not recovered anything from Shamsi but it doesn’t upset him one bit. He asks his men to take care of the matter by himself.

Jameel is forced to think about whatever Shamsi told him about. He’s getting edgy and irritated but doesn’t want to question his wife as yet.

It seems like Rahat, Khan’s sister, is suspicious about his involvement in Haroon’s murder. She talks in a lot of double meaning sentences pointing them at khan. This upsets his wife but Khan does not want her interfering in such matters and says he doesn’t mind whatever his sister says. But the sister certainly has other plans. She wants to see the family in pain, like she was because of Khan.

Jameel is searching for some proof from his wife, to satisfy his curiosity regarding whatever Shamsi told him. And so he is successful in finding some old photographs which upset him quite too much. He is trying to indirectly question his wife and she gets disturbed guessing what he means. And it is for this reason he has invited over Khan and his wife to a dinner at his place.

We now know Khan has a mistress and that he might have a history of being a womanizer and so his case of rape and molestation of Jameel’s wife, Sarwat.

The two families meet for dinner and Sarwat is taken aback when she greets Khan. Jameel is trying to get as much information from Khan’s and Sarwat’s discomfort but Khan is a veteran and he knows how to hide his emotions best.

Jameel wants to know each and everything and he now directly question his wife. And Sarwat is forced to think about how atrocious Khan was when he raped her and how he ruined her. Jameel tells Sarwat he hates her and he does not even want to bear her closeness anymore.

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Neelum is coming back to her life and her interactions are increasing day by day. she is now in constant touch with her friends from the past, especially a guy named Sohail.

On the other hand Khan’s younger daughter is building her friendship with a boy named Hamza. Hamza happens to be from a small town but he is now being threatened and given money to fix his surroundings. Seems like somebody is helping him with an ulterior motive.

We have now seen how Jameel has rebuffed his wife and he doesn’t want her in his life anymore. Shamsi has told Khan’s people about the FIR and they have now threatened him to mind his own business.

The drama ends with Sarwat losing conscious over something she hears on the phone and Khan similing to himself at his residence. We’re more than eager to know how this story will unfold and will Jameel give Sarwat a chance to explain him her plight?