Nominations for the 16th Lux Style Awards are finally out

How accurate are these nominations?
Updated 17 Mar, 2017 10:03pm

Who doesn’t love the Lux Style Awards? Well, they're fun, fabulous, glamorous and we at HIP absolutely enjoy watching them! Not only is the night full of entertainment and celebration, celebrities make sure to grace the event aiming to shine the brightest making the red carpet alone, a total treat to watch!

This year marks the 16th Lux Style Awards and while we were hoping it would be an event full of surprises, the biggest shock came in the form of the nominations. YES! The nominations are out, and we're not sure if we really agree with them or not! First Nigar nominations disappointed us and now these! We just do not know what's up with the concerned juries!

We're not complaining much about the fashion, music and television categories but the film nominations are certainly not what we had in mind.

Here is the entire list of nominations:


•Model of the Year (Female)

  1. Amna Babar
  2. Anam Malik
  3. Rabia Butt
  4. Sadaf Kanwal
  5. Zara Abid

•Model of the Year (Male)

  1. Aimal Khan
  2. Hasnain Lehri
  3. Jahan-e-Khalid
  4. Shahzad Noor
  5. Waleed Khalid

•Best Fashion Photographer

  1. Abdullah Harris
  2. Ali Hasan
  3. Guddu Shani
  4. Nadir Feroz Khan & Maha Burney of NFK Photography
  5. Shahbaz Shazi

•Best Hair and Make-up Artist

  1. Natasha Khalid
  2. Omayr Waqar
  3. Saima Rashid Bargfred
  4. Shammal Qureshi
  5. Shazia Rashid

•Achievement in Fashion Design – Pret

  1. Coco by Zara Shahjahan
  2. Generation
  3. Khaadi
  4. Sana Safinaz
  5. Sapphire

• Achievement in Fashion Design – Luxury Pret

  1. Mahgul
  2. Sana Safinaz
  3. Sania Maskatiya
  4. Shamaeel Ansari
  5. Shehla Chatoor

•Achievement in Fashion Design – Bridal

  1. Ali Xeeshan
  2. Elan
  3. Faraz Manan
  4. Mahgul
  5. The House of Kamiar Rokni

•Achievement in Fashion Design – Lawn

  1. Elan
  2. Faraz Manan
  3. Sana Safinaz
  4. Shehla Chatoor
  5. Zara Shahjahan

•Best Menswear Designer

  1. Ahmed Bham
  2. Amir Adnan
  3. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin
  4. Ismail Farid
  5. Nauman Arfeen

•Best Emerging Talent

  1. Aashna Khan – Photographer
  2. Giti Ara – Model
  3. Hira Shah – Model
  4. Imaan Madani – Model
  5. The Pink Tree Company – Designer


•Best Film

  1. Actor in Law
  2. Dobara Phir Se
  3. Ho Mann Jahaan
  4. Janaan
  5. Mah-e-Mir

Cannot complain about the best film category either since all our favourites are pretty much here!

•Best Film Actress

  1. Mahira Khan for Ho Mann Jahaan
  2. Mehwish Hayat for Actor in Law
  3. Sabar Qamar for Lahore Se Aagey
  4. Sajal Ali for Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai
  5. Sanam Saeed for Bachaana

Mehwish Hayat better win! Also, no mention of Imaan Ali? She was phenomenal in Mah e Mir! Also, Janaan and Dobara Phir Se get nominated for best film but the leading ladies do not even deserve a nomination? How crazy does that sound? The list is truly incomplete without Armeena Khan and Hareem Farooq! Either add their names or replace with the ones less worthy!

•Best Film Actor

  1. Ashar Azeem for Maalik
  2. Fahad Mustafa for Actor in Law
  3. Fahad Mustafa for Mah-e-Mir
  4. Mohib Mirza for Bachaana
  5. Yasir Hussain for Lahore Se Aagey

And how strange is it that the leading actor of two super hit movies, Dobara Phir Se and Ho Mann Jahaan, doesn't get a nomination! Adeel Hussain was quite a charmer in both, we believe! We'd give him an award for just his smile and think it was rude not to add his name to the list! Oh, and what about Hameed Sheikh for Abdullah?

•Best Film Director

  1. Anjum Shehzad for Mah-e-Mir
  2. Asim Raza for Ho Mann Jahaan
  3. Azfar Jafri for Janaan
  4. Mehreen Jabbar for Dobara Phir Se
  5. Nabeel Qureshi for Actor in Law
  6. Wajahat Rauf for Lahore Se Aagey

•Best Supporting Actress

  1. Hania Aamir for Janaan
  2. Saboor Ali for Actor in Law
  3. Sanam Saeed for Dobara Phir Se
  4. Sonya Jehan for Ho Mann Jahaan
  5. Tooba Siddiqui for Dobara Phir Se

What exactly did Saboor Ali do except be the lead's little sister? Sanam Saeed would've been a more appropriate choice here for her role in Mah e Mir.

•Best Supporting Actor

  1. Ali Kazmi for Dobara Phir Se
  2. Ali Rehman Khan for Janaan
  3. Manzar Sehbhai for Mah-e-Mir
  4. Om Puri for Actor in Law
  5. Shehryar Munawar for Ho Mann Jahaan

Thank God they acknowledged Shehryar Munawar's role in Ho Mann Jahaan and Ali Rehman's role in Janaan at least!

•Best Singer (Male) – Film

  1. Arman Malik for Janaan Title Track (Janaan)
  2. Asrar for Funkaran (Actor in Law)
  3. Atif Aslam for Dil Dancer (Actor in Law)
  4. Rajab Ali for Yeh Dhuan (Mah-e-Mir)
  5. Shafqat Amanat Ali for Piya Dekhan Ko (Mah-e-Mir)

What about the male singer for Dobara Phir Se, how unfair to nominate Haniya Aslam in the female category while without Ali Hamza the song would not have been as magical as it is.

And didn't Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay have the best music? No mention of Sukhwinder Singh?

•Best Singer (Female) – Film

  1. Aima Baig for Kalabaaz Dil (Lahore se Aagey)
  2. Haniya Aslam for Dobara Phir Se (Dobara Phir Se)
  3. Masooma Anwer for Naina Roye (Maalik)
  4. Shreya Ghoshal for Janaan Title Track (Janaan)
  5. Zeb Bangash for Dil Pagla (Ho Maan Jahaan)

No mention of Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay here either?


•Album of the Year

  1. Book of Sibt by Sibti
  2. Indus Raag 2 by Shareef Awan
  3. Na Bhulana by Uzair Jaswal
  4. Peheli by Mooro
  5. You by The Sketches

•Song of the Year

  1. Baarish by Tonight Us and Jimmy Khan
  2. Haiyyah from The Book of Sibt by Sibti
  3. Khak Nasheen by Chand Tara Orchestra
  4. Khaki Banda by Umair Jaswal and Ahmed Jahanzeb
  5. Saaiyan by Quratulain Baloch

•Best Music Video Director

  1. Abdullah Haris for Sag-e-Ali by Asrar
  2. Aisha Linea Akhtar & Shahbaz Shigri for Le Chaloon by Salman Shaukat
  3. Kamal Khan for Ho Jao Azad by Zoe Viccaji
  4. Kamal Khan for The Desert Journey by D/A Method
  5. Shahab Qamar for Hero by Naseer & Shahab

•Best Emerging Talent

  1. Basit Ali for Vocals in Anokha Ladla
  2. Bilal Nasir Khan (Rudoh) for Tales for Scrap
  3. Hamza Akram Qawwal for Khuddi
  4. Natasha Baig for Janaan
  5. Shehroz Hussain for Sitaar in Anokha Ladla


• Best TV Play

  1. Besharam on ARY Digital
  2. Dillagi on ARY Digital
  3. Mann Mayal on Hum TV
  4. Main Sitara on TV One
  5. Udaari on Hum TV

•Best TV Actor

  1. Ahsan Khan for Udaari
  2. Faisal Qureshi for Bheegi Palkien
  3. Humayun Saeed for Dillagi
  4. Noman Ejaz for Dampukth
  5. Zahid Ahmed for Besharam

•Best TV Actress

  1. Maya Ali for Mann Mayal
  2. Mehwish Hayat for Dillagi
  3. Saba Qamar for Besharam
  4. Saba Qamar for Mein Sitara
  5. Sajal Ali for Gul-e-Rana

•Best TV Director

  1. Ehtishaamuddin for Udaari
  2. Farooq Rind for Besharam
  3. Haseeb Hasan for Mann Mayal
  4. Kashif Nisar for Dampukth
  5. Nadeem Baig for Dillagi

•Best TV Writer

  1. Faiza Iftikhar for Dillagi
  2. Farhat Ishtiaq for Udaari
  3. Sameera Fazal for Mann Mayal
  4. Sarwat Nazeer for Besharam
  5. Zafar Mairai for Dampukth

•Best Original Sound Track

  1. Sun Yara by Damia Farooq (ARY Digital) (Producer: Six Sigma Productions)
  2. Udaari by Hadiqa Kiyani (HUM TV) (Producer: Momina Duraid, Haisaam Hussain and Shahzad Kashmiri)
  3. Hatheli by Nabeel Shaukat (HUM TV) (Producer: Moomal Shunaid, Moomal Entertainment)
  4. Mann Mayal by Quratulain Baloch (HUM TV) (Producer: Momina Duraid, Samina Humayun Saeed, Tariq Shah, Sana Shahnawaz)
  5. Yeh Ishq by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (ARY Digital) (Producer: Big Bang Productions)

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We have a few issues here and there, but our main issue is with the ones revolving around the movies. Don't you agree too?

Who are your favourites for this year's big win? Share your comments with us in the box below.